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Research: PRI Investigations

Chinese Provincial Government Calls for an End to Birth Restrictions

The provincial government in Shaanxi, a province in north-central China, has published a report that calls for an abolishment of birth limits under China’s planned birth policy. Currently, China’s two-child policy prohibits couples from having more than two children. In many provinces, couples are allowed a third child only in narrowly-crafted special circumstances that often require government approval, such as when a child has a severe disability or in second marriages. Couples who exceed their …

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Forced Abortion Still Mandated Under China’s “Planned Birth” Laws

Women in China found pregnant with an over-quota child continue to face severe penalties, PRI has found. These penalties include, in many provinces, being forced to have an abortion. It has been nearly two years since the Chinese Government modified its planned birth policy. In December of 2015, the Chinese National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee officially transitioned from a one-child policy with a two-child policy. Under the new policy, married couples are prohibited by …

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Forced Abortions in China Continue Despite Two-Child Policy

Many Westerners cheered when the Chinese Communist Party announced it was going to allow all Chinese couples a second child. They quite naturally assumed that this meant an across-the-board relaxation of a policy that had caused tremendous suffering among the Chinese people. I was not convinced. There is often a striking distance between Beijing’s policy pronouncements and the harsh reality on the ground. In fact, not long ago I testified before Congress that “Despite the …

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Investigation of Catholic Relief Services: Madagascar

Population Research Institute (PRI) conducted a month-long investigation in Madagascar of Catholic Relief Services (CRS), funding sources, and family planning activities.  Click on the icon below to access the report. (The full report may take a few moments to load. Please be patient.)    

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Media Coverage of Catholic Relief Services Investigation

  Direct Coverage: Population Research Institute and Catholic Relief Services    7-25-2013: Population Research Institute Released the first briefing about our investigation in Madagascar: Catholic Relief Services Compromises Catholic Teaching, Promotes Population Control/Family Planning in Madagascar 7-25-2013: Population Research Institute released a press release about our breaking investigation: Catholic Relief Services Works in Family Planning “Just Like the Others” 7-26-2013: Catholic Relief Services responds to our briefing: CRS Responds to Concerns About Programs in Guinea and Madagascar …

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Map of Below-Replacement Fertility

This map is a great image to share on Facebook, or to use as an instructional tool in the classroom.   All countries in yellow have fertility rates that are below replacement fertility where replacement fertility is defined as 2.1 children per woman. For more information on replacement fertility, check out our video on stable populations.   *All fertility rates were downloaded from the UN Population Division. 

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“Illegal Children” Abducted by Chinese Authorities and Trafficked Abroad

According to a report in the Caixin Century magazine, population control officials in the Chinese province of Hunan seized at least 16 babies born in violation of the one-child policy, sent them to state-run orphanages, and then sold them abroad for adoption. In the words of Steven W. Mosher, China expert and president of the Population Research Institute, “if this is true (which we at PRI believe it to be based on our own research …

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Mexico File

Statement of “Maria Garcia” My Experience with an IUD Statement of Graciela Hilario de Rangel

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