Our Greatest Resource Is People

Our Greatest Resource Is People

“Deep calls to deep,” the Psalmist says. God calls to the human heart and mind to deeply love our neighbor. In response, we employ our ingenuity to teach, heal, feed and improve the world.

Poverty is a real problem, but too often governments employ abortion and sterilization to eradicate poverty. As you can well imagine, sterilizing and aborting the poor does not eradicate poverty. In 25 years, our work has uncovered over 180 human rights abuses in 50 countries and has helped redirect $800 million U.S. tax dollars from real abuse to real aid.

The myth of overpopulation we have all learned about since grade school drives this kind of abuse. That’s why we at the Population Research Institute have also fought back against outdated science and inaccurate predictions with a series of funny, fact-packed YouTube videos called Overpopulation Is a Myth. So far, the series has gained over 1.7 million views. That’s right. 1.7 million.

We’re getting the word out to a new generation. And we’ve got more videos and projects planned. With your help, we can keep up the fight to save babies and families.

Steven W. Mosher
President, Population Research Institute (PRI)

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2014 Aug 28

Through the grace of God, PRI has saved the life of an unborn child in Peru who was slated to be aborted for so-called “therapeutic” reasons.

Doctors in a Peruvian hospital had decided to give a woman with breast cancer an abortion, claiming that the abortion was necessary to save her life. In fact, they were primarily worried that their plans to put the woman on chemotherapy would cause the child to be born with birth defects. Rather than undertake alternative treatment, they decided to simply do away with the child.