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Topics: Deng Xiaoping

A New Dawn of Reproductive Freedom in China?

Washington, D.C.—Under China’s new two-child policy, forced and coercive abortions and sterilizations will continue, according to a panel of experts on China’s one-child policy who testified in a hearing before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) on Capitol Hill last Thursday. Experts believe abuses will continue. Due to 35 years of stringent population control, China’s rapid aging and shrinking labor force could lead Chinese officials to mandate women to increase childbearing. “The same Party officials …

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How Will the “Umbrella Revolution” in Hong Kong End?

It’s called the “Umbrella Revolution” for a good reason. From the air the colorful umbrellas form an almost solid shield over the main thoroughfares of Hong Kong’s financial district. They are held up by tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters, mostly students, who took to the streets after Beijing reneged on commitments made nearly 20 years ago to allow the direct election of Hong Kong’s leader in 2017. The umbrellas help to shield the protesters …

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President Xi Jinping: Stop the One-Child Policy!

The woman on the operating table was nearly eight months pregnant. The doctor picked up a scalpel and made a transverse incision across her lower abdomen. Soon he was through the uterine wall, and removing a perfectly formed baby boy. The little boy was dead, of course, having been killed by lethal injection into the uterus the day before. It was March 1980, and the Chinese Party-State had just gotten deadly serious about population control. …

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Over 30 Years of Violating Human Rights

On September 25th, 1980, the Chinese government thrust population control upon every person under their sovereignty. Certain provinces in China had already started population control, and the tone for the upcoming decades had been set the year before by Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping who said, “Use whatever means you must to reduce the population, but do it!” And in September of 1980, the program known as the One Child Policy began to be enforced throughout …

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What Does China Want?

Editor’s Note: This testimony was submitted to the Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats for a hearing on "China’s Maritime and other Geographic Threats." Mr.Steven Mosher testified at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 in the Rayburn House Office Building.   I commend the Chairman for this timely hearing. Less than 72 hours ago, Chinese vessels recklessly entered Japanese territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands. Seemingly everywhere we look, we see evidence of China’s increasing aggressiveness and it is past time to …

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China to End One-Child Policy in 2015 Because of Labor Shortages! (But Not Really)

I have long wondered what it would take for the Chinese Communist Party to abandon the one-child policy that it instituted back in 1980 when I was first in China. Now we know. It certainly wasn’t the bitter complaints of the Chinese people about this assault on their families and children that changed the Party’s collective mind. The Party has never shied away from imposing its will on the people it controls. Indeed, it believes, …

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We are Losing the Cold War with China by Pretending It Doesn’t Exist

As Hu Jintao visits Washington, China continues to persecute Christians, enforce the one-child policy, and lock up dissidents. And don’t forget its relentless military buildup.

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Part 3. The Chinese Model

Note: The following is excerpted from Steven Mosher’s book, Population Control—Real Costs, Illusory Benefits. We have had sufficient experience now with population programs to realize that they can easily become a vehicle for elite pressure on the poor. I fear that the elevation to legitimacy of “beyond voluntary family planning” measures lends itself to precisely such pressure. … Of course one might claim that such measures are in the ‘ultimate’ interest of the poor, but …

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