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“Steve Mosher, the head of the PRI, said the photographs and testimony obtained by Ms. Guy proved that the UN body was violating its pledges not to assist abortion programmes. ‘The UNFPA has repeatedly been caught promoting abortion and sterilization under circumstances where informed consent is lacking, and even outright coercion is involved.’ he said. A report issued by his group included pictures of houses that had been demolished by Chinese family planning officials in retaliation for the occupants’ refusal to abide by the one-child policy.”

“China is furious as Bush halts UN ‘abortion’ funds,” by Damien McElroy, London Telegraph, 3 February 2002

“Here are the facts: Earlier this year, the Population Research Institute (PRI) sent an undercover fact-finding team to Sihui, which is a UNFPA county in China, to investigate claims of forced abortion. Investigators received testimony from many victims and witnesses of coercion, and as formal interviews were being conducted and recorded, bystanders often gathered and began to tell their own stories of coercion.”

Rep. Chris Smith, “Whitewash on China,” Washington Times, 19 December 2001

“Saying that the indiscriminate sowing of estrogens through the environment was caused by ‘too many people’ is a Malthusian caricature. The real problem is the massive ingestion of estrogens by women, at levels far beyond those produced naturally by their own bodies. This is not only unnecessary…it also pollutes their internal ‘environment,’ causing an increased risk of cervical cancer and other health problems.”

Steve Mosher in The Ottawa Citizen, 17 January 2002

“Steven W. Mosher in the…Wall Street Journal said, ‘In 1939 |Margaret Sanger] and Clarence Gamble made an infamous proposal called ‘Birth Control and the Negro,’ which asserted that ‘the poorer areas, particularly in the South, are producing alarmingly more than their share of future generations.’”

Duane Sheppard, “Do people know Sanger’s views?” St. Cloud Times, 5 February 2002

“Mosher pens a fascinating and instructive account of the history of Chinese hegemony, from the ancient Zhou kings and the rulers of the Seven Powers down to Mao Zedong and the rise of modern communist tyranny.”

Michael Bauman, “A Review of Hegemon: China’s Plan to Dominate Asia and the World,” The Schwarz Report, December 2001

“Steve Mosher, of the Population Research Institute, said Clinton and other abortion supporters are on the move again. ‘We haven’t seen spin like this since her husband left the White House.’ Mosher said.”

Stuart Shepard, “Sen. Clinton Promotes ‘Women’s Rights’ for Afghanistan,” Focus on the Family Citizen, 17 December 2001

“‘There are real abuses in these countries, and for the UNFPA to say they are not going on is just covering it up; it’s not working to correct them,’ Mr. Mosher said.”

Amy Fagan, “Population fund at UN protested,” Washington Times, 29 January 2002

“In a story first reported by the US-based Population Research Institute and then confirmed by the Pakistan News Service, the UNFPA has been ‘distributing abortion devices and chemicals, disguised in kits marked for safe delivery in Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan.’”

“Afghanistan Allows Abortions; UN Lobbying Effort Successful,” EWTN News Brief, 17 January 2002

“Evidence obtained on videotape is hard to dispute, despite what Population Institute president Werner Fornos and the zealots at the UNFPA would wish were the case. Their zeal for ‘family planning’ is no less than support for coercive abortion.”

Scott Weinberg, Washington Times, 2 February 2002

“Steve Mosher, president of Population Research Institute — the leading group in exposing the coercive abortion support of UNFPA — told LifeSite he is encouraged by the Bush Administration commitment to raise these issues with the Chinese. However, he cautioned. ‘Let’s be realistic, they will be dealing with top officials of the world’s most oppressive and totalitarian regime who are habituated in the art of double speak.’ Mosher continued, ‘The most effective way for President Bush to end US support of forced abortion in China is to permanently zero fund UNFPA.”

“Bush Administration to Raise Issue of Coercive Abortion with China.”, 7 February 2002

“The Population Research Institute (PRI) dismissed Lovell’s claims as pure “lies,’ insisting that the State Department has never thoroughly investigated UNFPA’s work … ‘“There is no merit in that claim that the State Department has conducted some kind of credible investigation in China to show there is no coercion in UNFPA programs,’ Weinberg said .… The Population Research Institute supports the president’s decision and hopes the Bush administration will turn this spending decision into permanent policy.”

John Rossomando, “UN Population Fund Won’t Get $34 Million — Not Yet Anyway,” Cybercast News Service, 8 February 2002

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