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Topics: Wall Street Journal

Part 2. The Malthusian Delusion and the Origins of Population Control

Note: The following is excerpted from Steven Mosher’s book, Population Control—Real Costs, Illusory Benefits. The first population bomber of the modern age was, by profession at least, ill-suited to the task. The Rev. Thomas Malthus, Anglican clergyman, predicted in 1798 that there would be standing room only on this earth by the Year of Our Lord, 1890. A London talk by Benjamin Franklin had inflamed Malthus’ imagination. The American polymath had proudly proclaimed to his …

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President’s Page: One Answer to the Current Economic Crisis: Encourage Childbearing

If we are indeed headed into a recession, as many predict, then America’s birth rate will begin to fall. Recessions depress childbearing — the Great Depression certainly did — as the economic uncertainty discourages would-be parents from bringing new life into the world. But more babies, as a moment’s reflection will reveal, would actually be good for the economy, and not just over the long run. Missing the Obvious But who will make this case? …

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Is Immigration the Answer to the Current Economic Crisis?

13 October 2008—Vol. 10/ No. 43 Writing in the Wall Street Journal’s opinion section, Lee E. Ohanian urges the U.S. to respond to the turmoil in the financial markets by opening the door to more immigrants. “We should encourage the immigration of prime-age individuals,” he writes. “Increasing immigration would increase the demand for housing and raise home prices. And note that the benefit would be immediate. Home prices — and the value of subprime obligations …

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