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Topics: reproductive restrictions

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Nearly 125 Indian Members of Parliament Back Petition to Introduce a Two-Child Policy

Nearly 125 lawmakers in India’s Parliament have signed a petition to Indian President Ram Nath Kovind, calling for a nationwide two-child policy. Members of Parliament (MPs) who signed the petition have called for a law prohibiting Indian couples from having more than two children with stiff penalties for couples who exceed the proposed two-child limit.

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Vietnam Poised to End Two-Child Policy

Vietnamese outlet Thanh Nien News reports that the Vietnamese government is preparing to categorically reverse its two-child policy. If this happens, Vietnamese families will be able to decide for themselves how many children they can have, without government fines or punishment. For decades, the Vietnamese government sterilized women after the birth of their second child, and employed coercive economic restrictions to punish families who had more than 2 children. In the September/October 1995 PRI Review, …

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