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Topics: Reproductive Health Bill

PRI’s “Plan B” Video Going Viral; Babies Benefit

PRI’s fun and informative video, “Plan B: Is It Contraception or Not?” is making its way around the world. Since its release two months ago, the cartoon video is closing in on 500,000 views. The video, which leaves no doubt that the so-called “morning after pill” actually causes abortion, has been a big hit in Asia.  In the Philippines alone, over 100,000 people have viewed the video, including 30,000 viewers 24 years old or younger. …

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Why Do Filipino Women Die in Childbirth?

The Philippines has long been under pressure from the U.S and elsewhere to adopt a China-like population control program, with the latest argument being that the mandatory provision of contraceptives will reduce maternal mortality in the island nation. The Philippines is a target because of its size and its still robust fertility. It is one of the 15 most populous nations in the world and has an annual population growth rate of over 2%.[1] Only three …

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Contraceptive Compliance

You will not be able to be married without a “certificate of compliance” issued by the local Family Planning Office.  From 5th grade on, you will receive “values formation” and education about “population and development” and “responsible parenthood” at school.  Your government will help you achieve your desired family size while simultaneously encouraging “two children as the ideal family size.” All of these provisions in the Philippine Reproductive Health Bill will come to pass if …

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Women Deliver: Gates Global Push for Abortion Continues

The Malaysia conference highlights how to market a drug for one thing and use it for another, how euphemisms work and how it is up to government to create demand for contraception. It's being billed as "the largest global event of the decade to focus on the health and empowerment of girls and women." But it is also very obviously a conference designed to reduce populations of developing nations by promoting a Western-style sexual revolution …

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The Philippines Under Fire

”The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health And Population And Development Act Of 2011”—a title which manages the remarkable feat of encapsulating three lies of the abortion/population control movement in the short span of a dozen words.

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