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Another U.N. Committee Runs Amuck

Believe it or not, the 10-member UN Committee Against Torture will spend the next two days, May 5-6, 2014, attacking the Catholic Church and its teachings. It’s not as if we haven’t been warned. Last January, the chairwoman of another UN committee, this one the Committee on the Rights of the Child, “demanded” that the Holy See change Catholic doctrine to accept gay marriage, abortion, contraception, etc., because the current position of the Church supposedly …

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Why the baby kidnapper shouldn’t die

An obstetrician in the Shaanxi province of China was sentenced to death for child trafficking this week. The 55 year old woman repeatedly told her patients that their new born infant was either deformed or sick. She persuaded the new parents to give up their children for adoption. Instead of adoption, however, the infants were sold to human traffickers for profit.  Doctor Zhang Shuxia pleaded guilty to selling seven children, but she remains the prime suspect in …

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Sex-Trafficking in China

On June 19, 2013 the State Department released its annual report, “Trafficking in Persons Report.” China received an automatic downgrade to the lowest ranking, Tier 3. The State Department acknowledged the one-child policy as the “key source of demand” for sex-trafficking within the country, but remained silent on revoking the policy in its recommendations for China. The report stated that “the Chinese government’s birth control policy and a cultural preference for sons, create a skewed …

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China Ratchets Up One-Child Policy, Part II

As the municipality of Huizhou, China, redoubles its efforts at population control, little girls, both born and unborn, are sure to die in large numbers. In Part I, we reported that the Centralized Services for Population and Family Planning of Huizhou was undertaking a new campaign to lower the birth rate in this city of four million people. This despite the fact that Huizhou, and other cities in Guangdong’s Pearl River Delta, have had lower fertility rates than …

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PRI President Urges New Members of Congress to Defund Planned Parenthood

If we want to limit the number of abortions performed in this country, the last thing we should be doing is subsidizing the abortion industry. Yet we are. According to its last annual report, Planned Parenthood received $542 million in funding, or nearly half of its annual revenue, from various government agencies. A big chunk of these dollars comes from a federal “family planning” program known as Title X. This is why Rep. Marsha Blackburn …

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China’s One-Child Policy Toll Reaches 400 Million

In answer to a question from Congressman Tim Huelskamp, a Chinese official has admitted that China’s population control program has cost 400 million lives, a number greater than that of the population of the United States.

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From the Countries

China’s Graying Population Discussed China’s economy is not the only thing mushrooming. China is also facing an escalating aging population. And how they will deal with the problems of an aging, one-child population has begun to worry some in China. According to a leading gerontology scholar, one in every five old people in the world is Chinese. “By the middle of this century, China will reach the peak of its aging population of people aged …

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For the Record …

“According to a recent United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) State of the World Population Report, these practices, combined with neglect, have resulted in at least 60 million ‘missing’ girls in Asia, creating gender imbalances and other serious problems that experts say will have far reaching consequences for years to come. “‘Twenty-five million men in China currently can’t find brides because there is a shortage of women,’ said Steven Mosher president of the Population Research Institute …

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