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Topics: Catholic Relief Services

PRI Review 2017, (v27 n1) January/February

Insure Essure Leaves the Market 1 The Ugly American 2 Carlos Polo Receives Award 3 May I Send You These Gifts? 4 CRS Activity in the D.R. Congo 6 Prayerful Persistence  8 From the Countries 9 What the U.S. Election Means 10 A Joyous and Hope Filled Year 12

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Zombie charities push population control

Originally published in the Washington Times on June 22, 2015. As a conservative, I don’t have much use for foreign aid, preferring to support private charitable efforts overseas. But when Washington politicians began to dole out huge sums of money several decades ago, existing nonprofits lined up for their share of the take. Groups like CARE, Population Services International (PSI), and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) are still thought of as charities, but have less and less in common with America’s …

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Catholic Relief Services Caught Using MTV-Produced Video Promoting Condoms in Kenya

Front Royal, VA, March 11, 2015: Catholic Relief Services implemented Shuga, a three part video series produced by MTV which actively encourages teenagers to use condoms. Over the course of 75 minutes, Shuga features explicit sex scenes, lingerie-clad women, and lewd dancing – all of which contrast with Catholic teaching. Information on Shuga, jointly released by the Population Research Institute and the Lepanto Institute, can be seen here. Steven Mosher, President of the Population Research …

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Investigative Organizations Address Denials Made by CRS

Yesterday, the Population Research Institute, the Lepanto Institute, and Human Life international presented at the National Press Club on the results of an investigation into Catholic Relief Services-Kenya. The joint investigation included documentation from on-line research as well as a field investigation in Kenya. The report documented evidence that Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has facilitated and endorsed contraceptive use in Kenya. Catholic Relief Services is the international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the …

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Investigative Organizations Release Report on Abuse in Catholic Aid Program

The Population Research Institute, in collaboration with the Lepanto Institute, has released a 56 page report as the result of an investigation into Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Kenya. The report highlights programs implemented under a CRS project in Kenya which facilitated and endorsed contraceptive-use. CRS is the international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States. The joint investigation includes both online evidence and documentation from a field investigator who spent a …

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Kenya Examination

Press Release: March 3, 2015 Media Factsheet Full Report: Investigation of Catholic Relief Services—Kenya Sister2Sister Informational Page Investigative Organizations Address Denials Made by CRS Documents Healthy Choices 2 Manual Healthy Choices Facilitator’s Manual PEPFAR Kenya Operational Plan Report 2011 PEPFAR Kenya Operational Plan Report 2012 PEPFAR Kenya Operational Plan Report 2012_altered PEPFAR Kenya Operational Plan Report 2013 Kalamba Dispensary Excel Kalamba Dispensary Excel 2 Full Report: Investigation of Catholic Relief Services—Madagascar What Can Faithful Catholics …

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Population Research Institute on Mother Teresa and Authentic Charity

WASHINGTON DC—President of Population Research Institute (PRI), Mr. Steven W. Mosher, published an op-ed entitled “What is Authentic Catholic Charity?” in the National Catholic Register today. The op-ed underlines the problems at Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in the context of a discussion of what constitutes authentic Catholic charity.   Mosher said, “Authentic Catholic charity, according to Pope Benedict XVI, must always include proclaiming the word of God and celebrating the sacraments, as well as exercising …

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How “Catholic” is Catholic Relief Services?

WASHINGTON DC—Population Research Institute (PRI) today released its full report on the activities of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Madagascar. The 118-page report is based on a month-long investigation by a PRI investigator and includes lengthy interviews with over 40 interviewees. The report also includes recommendations for action from PRI’s president, Mr. Steven W. Mosher. Population Research Institute hopes the report will assist CRS in carrying out needed reforms of its USAID-funded programs. Anne Morse, …

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