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Catholic Relief Services Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

Catholic Relief Services has made many claims in the past few weeks. They have not, however, been able to explain their involvement in the Santénet2 program, which the on-the-ground investigator for Population Research Institute heard about again and again.

The images below require more than blanket denials—they require a full explanation. Part of the explanation may include a discussion of their relationship with their largest donor; the United States government which gives Catholic Relief Services 70% of their annual revenue. That is, most of CRS’ money comes from USAID, the world’s largest promoter of contraception, sterilization, and abortion.

Look at the images below and decide for yourself. Has CRS answered all of your questions?

Image 1:

This is a description of the work done under the Santénet2 program according to a USAID technical report.

Image 2: This is a description of the Santénet2 program by RTI International, another implementing partner of the program.

Image 3: This is a description of the community health workers in the Santénet2 program by Intrahealth, another implementing partner of the program.

Image 4: This is a description of the Santénet2 program on the USAID website. Santénet2 was a USAID program, and Catholic Relief Services was an implementing partner.

(The screenshots shown above can be seen in their original context at the USAID website, the RTI International website, the Intrahealth website, and part of a USAID technical report)

Read our full report of Catholic Relief Services in Madagascar here

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