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Topics: Catholic country

Contraceptive Compliance

You will not be able to be married without a “certificate of compliance” issued by the local Family Planning Office.  From 5th grade on, you will receive “values formation” and education about “population and development” and “responsible parenthood” at school.  Your government will help you achieve your desired family size while simultaneously encouraging “two children as the ideal family size.” All of these provisions in the Philippine Reproductive Health Bill will come to pass if …

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U.S. Embassy Helps Gay Activists Push Agenda in Lima

One of the items on the OAS’s agenda for that meeting was to push a homosexual viewpoint on sexual orientation and make tolerance of that view “binding” through the speedy passage of authoritative resolutions. Vol. 12/No. 19 Back in June, PRI’s Latin American representative, Carlos Polo, wrote about a meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Lima.  The OAS, whose purported mission is to “deal with threats, traditional and new, that affect the …

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The Pill’s Deadly Affair with HIV/AIDS

The U.S. is contributing to the spread of HIV/AIDS among African women by its reckless distribution of hormonal contraceptives of all kinds in so-called “reproductive health” programs. Vol. 12/No. 11 The world’s deadliest killer, HIV/AIDS, and the Birth Control Pill have been carrying on a secret and deadly “love affair” for decades. While women swallowed their “freedom” with the morning orange juice, studies that should have made global headlines yellowed in medical journals, unknown to …

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For the Record

Mosher played an important role in exposing the abuses associated with China’s “one-child” policy. In his latest book he tells us that China does not have a monopoly on population control-driven fanaticism and even cruelty … … What Mosher calls “costs” were not limited to overt human-rights abuses. Around the world, money that should have gone to primary health care was diverted to population-control programs: African doctors report facilities filled with condoms and contraceptives while …

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