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Countries: Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico Governor Vetos Common-Sense Restrictions on Abortion

While most states in the U.S. have at least some restrictions on abortion, in Puerto Rico legal restrictions on abortion are practically non-existent. A pro-life bill passed by the Puerto Rico Legislative Assembly earlier this month would have helped change that.

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Puerto Rico Senate Introduces Sweeping Bill to Ban Abortion after 20 Weeks

The Puerto Rico Senate has introduced a bill that would go a long way towards protecting Life in the Commonwealth. The bill (PS 950) would introduce a wide array of pro-life laws to Puerto Rico including a ban on abortion after 20 weeks, a ban on sex-selective and eugenic abortion, and would require informed consent for women seeking abortion and parental consent for abortions performed on minors. Called the “Law for the Protection of Women …

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Human Rights Abuses Chart

Australia Year Type of Abuse Estimated Number Sex Targeted Reference early 1990s use of still experimental contraceptives 30 women “From the Countries” Jan/Feb 92 V. 2 N. 1 p. 11. 2004 Underage teens put on Implanon without parental knowledge women “From the Countries” Mar/Apr 04 V. 14 N. 2 p. 14. 1992-1998 Illegal sterilizations of girls with disabilities over 1000 women “From the Countries” Jan/Feb 98 V. 8 N. 1 p. 14. Austria Year Type …

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Project Stop Abortion: PRI Launches Major Offensive in Latin America

The recent ruling by the Colombian Constitutional Court, which effectively legalized abortion in that country, signaled to us at PRI that it was time to expand our efforts in Latin America. Until that ruling, solidly Catholic Latin America had been nearly abortion-free. The only exceptions were Cuba and Puerto Rico, and in neither case did it reflect the will of the people. Fidel Castro imposed abortion on his dirt-poor “socialist paradise” (whose low birthrate and …

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Nix aid? Puerto Rican sterilization, broken implants, carbon copy

With all due respect, Rep. Joseph Pitts’ (R-Pa) attempt to move $100 million from one section of the Foreign Aid bill to another lacks constitutional authority (Review, Sep/Oct, 1997). Sure, the money shouldn’t go for population control, but neither can it lawfully be spent for “child survival” either. (We as individuals are free to donate to that worthy cause.) Congress’ job description is spelled out in Art. l. Sec 8 of’ the Constitution that grants …

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