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Clinton’s Foreign Family Planning Targets Africa

February16, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 3 Dear Friend and Colleague: William Jefferson Clinton has promised the “family planning” lobby in Washington, DC, to restore spending for foreign “family planning” to its 1995 record level. In his 2001 budget summary, the President couches population control for black Africans in terms of AIDS prevention, while scholars show little connection between condom use and preventing the spread of the epidemic. Steven W. Mosher President  Clinton’s Foreign Family Planning Targets …

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Population Control Comes Home in Clinton’s Budget

February 9, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 2 Dear Friend and Colleague: In releasing his budget proposal for 2001 this week, President Clinton said that “the details [in the budget] make the difference, and if we can enact them we will make all the difference for America.” White House Chief of Staff, John Podesta, described the budget proposal as “a roadmap for our nation’s future.” One “detail” in the proposed budget relates to an increase in domestic …

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US Census Report Reveals Benefits of Population Growth

January 7, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 1 Dear Friend and Colleague: The US Census Bureau’s special Compendium for the Millennium notes a prosperous past 100 years, but raises concerns about our future because of America’s rapidly falling birthrate. Steven W. Mosher President US Census Report Reveals Benefits of Population Growth POPULATION RESEARCH INSTITUTE — America’s greatest resource is her people. This belief is enshrined in our founding documents, in which human life, in all its abundance, …

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Depopulation Strikes New England

December 16, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 26 Dear Friend and Colleague: New England, long a bastion of population control sentiment, home to the lowest birthrates in the nation, is suffering from a growing labor shortage. New Englanders find themselves in the awkward position of having to choose between more immigrants or face the social and economic consequences of depopulation. Another Baby Boom, the “natural” solution to the problem, does not seem in the offing. Steven W. …

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Albright Scrambles to Appease Population Control Allies

December 10, 1999  Vol. 1/ Number 25 Dear Friend and Colleague: We report on two victories achieved during the recent session of Congress. President Ronald Reagan’s Mexico City Policy was signed into law by President William Jefferson Clinton, who overturned this same executive order upon taking office seven years ago. And, as a result of a series of last-minute maneuvers, a significant cut was made in the FY 2000 population planning budget. With "family planning" scandals …

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Wei Jingsheng Calls for Democracy in America

November 23, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 24 Dear Friend and Colleague: PRI’s International Conference, Human Rights in China: 50 Years Later, attracted the attention of the international community, and national and international media, to the plight of the persecuted Falun Gong, as well as to Christians, minorities and families under siege by the one-child policy. Citing human rights concerns, China’s leading freedom fighters joined Wei Jingsheng in opposing China’s unconditional entrance in the World Trade Organization. …

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UNFPA Bribes Kosovo Gynecologist

November 8, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 23 Dear Friend and Colleague: As this year’s Foreign Aid Bill approaches conference committee with $25 million in US taxpayer dollars for the UNFPA, the controversy over UNFPA’s Kosovo campaign continues. Steven W. Mosher President UNFPA Bribes Kosovo Gynecologist Genocide in the Name of Family Planning The head gynecologist of the maternity ward in the Pristina Hospital in Kosovo, Sjedullah Hoxha, says that the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) “bribed” …

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Chinese Freedom Fighters to Meet at Historical Summit Conference

26 October 1999 Volume 1, Number 22 Dear Friend and Colleague: I am writing to cordially invite you to PRI’s upcoming conference: Human Rights in China: 50 Years Later. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is an authoritarian regime in which the communist Chinese government is the paramount source of power. This conference will highlight what the citizens of China have suffered in the past few decades in the areas of civil, minority, religious and …

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