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Milosevic and UNFPA ‘Team Up’ to Target Kosovars

July 13, 1999

Volume 1/ Number 9

Dear Friend and Colleague:

The Population Research Institute was concerned about the UNFPA’s “reproductive health” campaign that the UNFPA is waging against the Kosovar refugee population. PRI sent veteran journalist Austin Ruse to investigate. The startling revelations contained in this Weekly News Briefing are based on the report which will appear in the upcoming issue of the PRI Review.

Steven W. Mosher


Milosevic and UNFPA ‘Team Up” to Target Kosovars”Stealth” Ethnic Cleansing to Continue with Help of UNFPA, and US Tax Dollars

(WASHINGTON, DC / KOSOVO) — Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic invited the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to target the Kosovar population in a “reproductive health” campaign, according to a just-issued report from the Population Research Institute (PRI). Milosevic’s goal is to engage in ethnic cleansing by reducing the Kosovars’ high birthrate.

The report cites an interview with Stirling Scruggs, UNFPA’s head of external communication, in which Scruggs admits that the UNFPA was invited into Kosovo by Milosevic to conduct a reproductive health “needs assessment” among the Kosovar population. In addition, Scruggs confirmed, the UNFPA will conduct regular “reproductive health programs” in Kosovo in the coming months, as the persecuted ethnic group returns home (Interview with Sterling Scruggs, PRI Review, “Kosovar Refugee Women ‘Just Say No’: Milosevic Invites UNFPA to Target Kosovo Population Upon Their Return Home,” June / July 1999, 9).

The UNFPA/Milosevic campaign will consist of the indiscriminate distribution of “reproductive health” supplies to the largely Muslim Kosovar population. These supplies include abortifacient “morning after” pills, crude IUDs no longer used in other Western countries, and “manual vacuum aspirators” (MVAs) used for early term abortions. While the UNFPA falsely claims that such MVAs are only used to remove the products of incomplete abortions, the PRI report cites first-hand documentary evidence that Albanian doctors and health care workers are being trained to use MVAs exclusively as abortion devices. The report also cites the testimony of a Kosovar refugee who received an abortion without informed consent.

The PRI report, based on interviews with dozens of Kosovar refugee women, confirms that there is virtually no demand among the Kosovar population for “reproductive health” services; and that claims of widespread rape,

promiscuity and male oppression were largely fabricated to justify shipments of “reproductive health” supplies to the region. “The Kosovar women are outspoken and strong,” the report concludes, “The Kosovars are uninterested in ‘reproductive health’ supplies.” In fact, the Kosovars pride themselves in having one of the highest birthrates in dying Europe.

“Milosevic has been forced to withdraw his troops from Kosovo,” the report concludes, “but, aided by the UNFPA, a new form of ethnic cleansing will continue under the guise of ‘reproductive health’.” “Shame on UNFPA for cooperating with a war criminal like Milosevic,” said Steven W. Mosher of PRI. “This is nothing less than ethnic cleansing by other means. The Kosovars are proud of their children and their country, and Milosevic and UNFPA want to deprive them of both.” At a time when the US Congress is considering restoring $25 million in US taxpayer dollars to the UNFPA, Mosher added that “We should not be violating the rights of Kosovar women or subsidizing the genocidal plans of war criminals.”

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