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“U.S. funded ‘family planning’ and population control groups have made Latin America a political and cultural battleground over abortion, but a new online video from Population Research institute explains how the organization is educating and mobilizing pro-life advocates to counter effectively the imperialist anti-life agenda entering Latin American countries.

“‘Most of the Latin American countries are now democratic,’ PRI President Steven Mosher says in the five minute YouTube video. (

“‘They have pro-life laws in place because they are pro-life, the people and their democratically elected representatives have decided that’s the way they want to run their country. They’ve decided they want to protect unborn children.’

“However pro-life Latin Americans, Mosher explains, face a coalition of foreign funded radical Feminists, ‘family planning’ groups, radical population controllers, and others dedicated to foisting contraception, abortion, and sterilization upon their countries.

“‘We claim to be in favor of democracy. and yet at the same time in places like Colombia and Peru we are subverting, undermining democracy by trying to impose an abortion mentality on a country that is naturally and consistently pro-life,’ continued Mosher. ‘This is why we’re helping Latin American countries to fight back through our Latin American initiative.’

“PRI’s Media Director Colin Mason remarked that most Latin Americans are familiar with what goes on in their countries, but they are unaware of how these American abortion groups violate U.S. laws restricting the scope of their operations in their countries.

“‘Due to a generous donor and with the help of Carlos Polo, we were able to gather 12 delegates from all different countries—Argentina, Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica—bring them up to D.C., educate them with the most cutting edge political technology and tools so that we can effectively fight these abuses from Washington,’ said Mason.

“‘So basically if we can defund these organizations, we’ve finished the job, the job is already done.’

“The PRI YouTube video is the second part of a series informing others about PRI and its mission to educate pro-life advocates internationally and investigate human rights abuses by population controllers and ‘family planning’ groups around the world.”

Peter J. Smith “Online Video: PRI Declares ‘Latin American Initiative’ to Fight Abortion Imperialism,”, 16 August 2007,

“Kudos to Associated Press (via Yahoo!) for noting the death toll (and the toll in chaos) of the Maoist Shining Path/Sendero Luminoso terrorists in Peru…

“Mao said ‘Serve the People,’ when perhaps in reality his slogan was ‘Slay the People.’ The body count in China during his communist dictatorship was 65 million plus. Or a slogan from the Mao Era could have also been (gross) ‘Eat the People.’

“A great read on the history of media bias in favor of Mao—or how people who thought they were intelligent were actually deluded ‘progressive’ dilettantes like Cameron Diaz—is China Misperceived, a 1990 book by Steven Mosher. It’s still in my bookshelf.”

“Kudos to AP: Notes Maoist Body Count as Cameron Diaz Carries Mao-Slogan Bag in Peru,” 23 June 2007, http://newsbusters.corg/node/13683

“Americans for UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) is fighting hack, exposing the carnage caused since Bush gave a small hand of pro-life extremists influence over who gets contraception internationally .… Sadly, the organization’s [UNFPA] good work providing people in poor countries the ability to plan a pregnancy put it on a collision course with the U.S. anti-family planning movement. While domestically, our anti-sex fundamentalists tend to act covertly to roll back access to birth control, they act brazenly abroad. In Kosovo they characterized UNFPA’s efforts to provide emergency contraception to female refugees who had been raped and wanted to prevent pregnancy as ‘ethnic cleansing’ and ‘genocide.’ They followed UNFPA workers into Iraq to suggest the emergency obstetric care clinics it was constructing and staffing was instead the headquarters for an ‘abortion jihad.’

“These hecklers of humanitarian relief efforts work for a group based in Front Royal, Virginia, the Population Research Institute (PRI). When Bush took office, PRI saw its opportunity. The staff of six was imaginative. In 2002, they amplified their slander campaign against UNFPA claiming it was working with the Chinese government to enforce its coercive one-child policy…

“Since the accusations were made, over 145 diplomats have looked into the spurious claims made by PRI. Not one investigator has been able to validate PRI’s accusations against UNFPA.

“Nonetheless, UNFPA has not received U.S. funding since 2002, amounting to a loss of $161 million dollars .…”

Christina Page, “The Right Thing to Do is Rarely This Obvious,” The Huffington Post, 20 August 2007,

Editor’s Note: At least one adversary seems to enjoy misrepresenting the facts and attacking our good work. UNFPA’s decreased funding was thanks in part to PRI’s investigative work. According to (, a leading source of information on U.S. nonprofits, Americans for UNFPA was formed in 1998 to raise moral, political and financial support in the United States for the work of the UNFPA.

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