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Topics: RU-486

Supreme Court to Rule on the Biggest Abortion Case of the Decade

In what could be the abortion legal battle of the decade, the U.S. Supreme Court decided last Friday to weigh-in on the Texas abortion regulation law. The case will have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences for women’s health. It will determine whether the unregulated and unaccountable abortion industry will be able to continue business as usual, ignoring the health of women in pursuit of profits. The Supreme Court’s decision on the case could have a domino …

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Planned Parenthood Flouts FDA Guidelines for RU-486

Planned Parenthood and the abortion-provider Tucson Women’s Center spearheaded a lawsuit to strike down an Arizona law requiring doctors to abide by FDA guidelines when administering a “drug or substance” used to induce abortion. And they prevailed. An Arizona state court ruled in their favor, a ruling which allows doctors to continue off-label usage of the risky mifepristone (RU-486) drug. These are protocols that Planned Parenthood claims are considered “best practice,” but which the FDA …

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Obama wants you to pay for abortions—but he doesn’t want you to know about it!

I’m all in favor of providing public health care for the poor and indigent, but the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) is coming to look more and more like a patchwork quilt of deceit. Everyone by now knows—many from sad experience—that the claims that “If you like your doctor and your health care plan, you can keep your doctor and your health care plan,” were simply not true. Hundreds of thousands of doctors …

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Chinese Abortion “Doctor” Kills Her Own Grandchildren, One Grandchild Miraculously Survives Abortion Attempt

True story #3 in PRI’s ongoing series of “How I Survived Population Control” These stories are part of PRI’s 2014 End of Year Campaign. Please give generously to continue our vital work together. China brutally enforces a “one child per family” law, but often we only hear dry, faceless statistics about forced abortion in China. PRI, through on-site investigations in China, puts faces on those statistics – like this story about Yang Pingan . . …

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Women Deliver: Gates Global Push for Abortion Continues

The Malaysia conference highlights how to market a drug for one thing and use it for another, how euphemisms work and how it is up to government to create demand for contraception. It's being billed as "the largest global event of the decade to focus on the health and empowerment of girls and women." But it is also very obviously a conference designed to reduce populations of developing nations by promoting a Western-style sexual revolution …

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Obama Wants Us to Pay for Abortion-Causing Devices, Too!

Obamacare’s so-called “contraceptive mandate” has been much in the news. But much of what the administration calls “contraception” is actually abortion. Take the copper IUD, for example. It is advertised as a contraceptive device, but even the New York Times, in a front page story about Plan B, admits that it causes early-term abortions. How? By preventing the implantation of a developing embryo in the uterus. As the flagship paper of the liberal media writes, …

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Yang Pingan’s Story

Some years ago I wrote a book called, A Mother's Ordeal, detailing the dramatic fight of a young Chinese mother to save her unborn child. On my recent trip to China, I encountered a mother of four whose ongoing story is every bit as gripping. Here, in broad outline, is what she told me. My mother is an abortionist. She finished her government training shortly before my father died in 1986. Over the past 23 …

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Misoprostol and the Hidden Pro-Life Crisis

The pro-abortion movement is moving stealthily to open another front in the abortion wars. Its name is misoprostol. Misoprostol is most well-known as the active ingredient in Cytotec, a prescription drug whose FDA-approved usage is to relieve gastric ulcers. Misoprostol has proven very effective in this regard, and it has also been used to treat women who are hemorrhaging from a spontaneous miscarriage, or following childbirth. This is the good news. The bad news is …

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