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Topics: President Trump

The White House in Washington DC

Trump Administration Releases New Pro-Life Regulations Last week, immediately following the election, the Trump administration released three new pro-life regulations to help protect the conscience rights of American families and employers when purchasing health insurance. Each is aimed at undoing Obama-era regulations that were put in place in pursuit of implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The first two regulations seek to provide employers with religious and moral exemptions to the Obama-era “HHS Contraceptive Mandate.” If implemented, the new rules …

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Xi Jinping Places Catholic Church in China Under Direct Party Control

This article originally appeared on One Peter Five On March 22, the Chinese Communist Party announced that all “religious affairs” in China would henceforth be supervised by a shadowy Party office called the “United Front Department.” The former government agency responsible for Catholic and other believers–the State Administration of Religious Affairs bureau (SARA)—has been summarily abolished. The reorganization attracted little attention outside of China, but it is certain to have unpleasant repercussions for Chinese believers. I believe that …

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Trump represents the US far better in Asia trip than Obama ever did

President Trump did us all proud on his Asia trip – at least those of us who are still prouder to be Americans rather than citizens of the world. He scored points by simply behaving like the leader of our nation and the free world. Read the full article on Fox News.

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PRI Review, (v27 n2) March/April

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