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Panicked by Population Hysteria? We’re Here to Help

A steady stream of headlines are hyping a new journal article that claims that the world population is a terrifying goliath resolutely stomping towards human destruction. Written by two environmental scientists in Australia, Corey Bradshaw and Barry Brook, and edited by Paul Ehrlich, (a Stanford zoologist famous for his sensationalist claims about population growth in the 1970s) the article is the academic equivalent of a sensational tabloid article. We here at the Population Research Institute …

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Germany to shrink by 10 million people by 2050

In 2003, I was in middle school. I had just started to envision a future for myself—one that involved traveling. In high school I began to realize my dream: I went abroad and spent several days in Germany. I learned firsthand that Germany was an energetic country with a rich (if tumultuous) history. But I didn’t know back then that Germany was dying. No one told me that the Germany I visited in 2008 had …

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Why Normal People Should Care About “Baby Busts”

  Long, long ago, when Anne’s parents were in college (sorry, mom and dad), demographers made an observation: they saw that for most of human history, even though couples were having far more than two children, mortality was also very high. The result was that populations either stayed the same or grew very slowly. Then, with the advent of modern medicine, our life expectancy doubled, and then doubled again. And, not unexpectedly, our population doubled, …

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Demographics as the Grim Reaper

More and more countries are hearing the death knell of low birth rates. We live in an age unique in human history. Per capita incomes have never been higher, lifespans have never been longer, and people are better fed and educated than ever before. At the same time, birth rates have fallen to historically low levels. In fact, they have fallen to levels so low that they will extinguish whole populations unless something is done. …

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Baby Seven Billion, Welcome.

A few seconds after midnight a baby emerged from the womb of her mother, drew her first breath, and announced her arrival into the world with a tiny cry. This is Baby Seven Billion. Today, 31 October 2011, is her birthday. This piece appeared in the Washington Times on 31 October, 2011. This day — the day that our planet becomes home to seven billion human beings — marks an important milestone. But is it …

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Welcome Baby Seven Billion!

Population Research Institute celebrates the birth of the World’s Seven Billionth Person.

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Social Security to Go Belly Up Sooner: Contraception has Consequences

The widespread practice of contraception and abortion reduced U.S. fertility rates from 3.4 children per female in 1963 to 1.8 children per female by the mid 1970’s. I pointed out nearly 20 years ago that, with fewer workers paying into the system, and a huge number of boomers ready to retire, Social Security’s Ponzi-style financing scheme was not financially solvent in the long-run, (See my article on “Contracepting Social Security,” available at The passage …

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Part 1. The White Pestilence

Note: The following is excerpted from Steven Mosher’s book, Population Control—Real Costs, Illusory Benefits. Most of us grew up on a poisonous diet of overpopulation propaganda. Remember the lifeboat scenarios in high school biology, where we had to decide who we were going to push overboard, lest we all die. Recall the college class in which we were assigned to read Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb, which begins with the author mournfully intoning “The battle …

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