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Topics: Global Warming

Four Key Points on Human Ecology and Climate We Hope to See Pope Francis Make

The secular media, which is no friend of the Catholic Church, seems to specialize in misrepresenting the views of its prelates. Pope Francis has been particularly ill served in this regard and, at the same time, seems to shrug it off. So it is hard to know what to make of The Guardian’s story that the Holy Father is preparing to address global warming and lobby for decisive international action to combat climate change. Is it just the …

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The People-Haters Are At It Again

Sir David Attenborough warns that the human race is a “plague on the Earth”.

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U.N. Climate Models Flawed – Grossly Exaggerate Warming Effect

The supposed threat of man-made Global Warming is used to justify population control programs. But a new study suggests that the threat is virtually non-existent.

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Ted Turner Proposes One-child Policy, China Expert Responds with Facts

According to Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute and internationally recognized China expert, this notion is absurd.

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Turner Calls for Global One-Child Policy

The Mouth of the South is at it again — praising China’s one-child policy, and calling for its adoption worldwide.

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Radical Environmentalists Disclaim Responsibility for Eco-Terrorist James Lee

Yesterday at the Discovery Channel offices in Maryland, environmental activist James Jay Lee took company employees hostage, threatening to kill them unless the media outlet agreed to turn itself into a propaganda channel for population control.

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Don’t Expect an HIV/AIDS Vaccine, Researchers Say

When one of the world’s leading researchers announces that the search for an HIV/AIDS vaccine is unlikely to bear fruit, everyone should take notice.  Chastity remains, as it always has been, the only answer. 28 January 2010 — Vol. 12/No. 3 Our hearts go out to infant victims of HIV/AIDS, with their skeletal limbs and rib-ridged stomachs, and some would argue that these could be saved by the development of an HIV/AIDS vaccine.   Not …

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For the Record…

Colin Mason, Media Director for the Population Research Institute (PRI), reacted to a recent Financial Post article which called for a world-wide adoption of China’s one-child policy by saying that its implementation would be suicidal… …“The repeated attempts of certain environmentalists to link climate change directly to human population would be laughable, if it had not already led to such horrendous practices as China’s one-child policy,” Mason told CNA. “As someone who has done extensive, …

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