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Facebook blocks Steven Mosher’s New York Post article – Calls it “False Information.”

February 24th, Facebook blocked a post linked to Steven Mosher’s article featured in the New York Post addressing China’s role in the coronavirus epidemic. The reason? “False Information.”

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Xi Jinping Places Catholic Church in China Under Direct Party Control

Xi Jinping Places Catholic Church in China Under Direct Party Control Facebook is Suppressing Pro-Life Voices Trump Administration Releases New Rule to Stop Title X Funding for Abortion Providers Xi Jinping Places Catholic Church in China Under Direct Party Control – The decision means that the proposed Vatican-China agreement would not merely be a surrender of the Chinese faithful to the Communist Party—it would be an utter betrayal of the faith. PRI President Steven Mosher …

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Zuckerberg’s “Ministry of Truth” In George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, the fictional government’s “Ministry of Truth” was dedicated to spreading propaganda about the regime and its leaders. The censors who worked there, personified by the main character Winston, were constantly distorting reality to prop up the current party line. Mark Zuckerberg, who controls Facebook with its two billion users, is attempting something similar. Only this master of the hi-tech universe is not using human censors like Winston, but …

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How to Defeat the Enemies of Natural Marriage

One of the best talks at our Australia conference was given by Vice Vincent Batarelo (pronounced Vee-che), who led the fight in Croatia to defend natural marriage. Dr. Batarelo was also a natural to invite to our conference, since he was born in Sydney to Croatian immigrants and grew up Down Under. After he completed a BA and MA at Macquarie University, however, he decided to return to the country of his ancestors, which had …

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One Million And Counting: PRI Celebrates A Wildly Successful Series

In the summer of 2009, the Population Research Institute went out on a limb. We made a cartoon. It wasn’t a very long cartoon, only about a minute and a half—and the animation was deliberately minimalist. But it was clever, quick, and easy to watch. The music was original, cool, and jazzily low-key. It avoided politics entirely, choosing instead to focus on widely accepted science and math. It was entitled “Overpopulation: The Making Of A …

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