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Topics: crisis pregnancy center

Doug Kmiec’s Departure from the Pro-Life Movement

19 November 2008 — Vol. 10/ No. 49 The more incredible the claim, the greater the number of column inches the liberal media devotes to making it. That’s why The Washington Post, on November 18th, gave over such a large swath of its front page to religion writer Jacqueline Salmon, who fantasizes at length about the “growing number of anti-abortion pastors, conservative academics and activists [who] are setting aside efforts to outlaw abortion and instead …

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PRI: Doug Kmiec Outside Pro-Life Mainstream, Wrong on Facts

Front Royal, VA, 11/19/08 – The pro-life Population Research Institute (PRI) has criticized Pepperdine University law professor Doug Kmiec, saying that Kmiec’s stance on abortion places him well outside the pro-life mainstream, and is based on false arguments.Mr. Kmiec’s open disavowal of pro-life legislative initiatives, his disparagement of the work of crisis pregnancy centers, and his public support for pro-abortion candidates, places him well outside the pale of our movement, said Colin Mason, PRI’s media …

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Payback Time: What Planned Parenthood Expects from Obama

06 November 2008 — Vol. 10/ No. 47 The decades-long love affair between Barack Obama and Planned Parenthood has reached its political fruition. Obama will soon be ensconced in the Oval Office, with all the people who helped put him there lined up outside for goodies. At the head of the line will be Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. What will they ask for? The three things that they want from a President Obama …

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Dividing and Demonizing Pro-Lifers

January 26, 2007     Vol. 9 / No. 4 Dividing and Demonizing Pro-Lifers Democratic leaders in Congress have quietly begun the next phase of their new strategy to divide and demonize pro-life Americans.  This strategy includes targeting crisis pregnancy centers because of their tremendous success, a strategy led by Rep. Henry Waxman (D.-Calif.), the new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee thanks to last fall’s election results.  Waxman and others are miffed because …

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