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Research: Drugs and Devices

Burn, baby, burn: Quinacrine sterilization campaign proceeds despite risks

A method of sterilizing women by burning their fallopian tubes and upper uterus with acid is the latest procedure to find favor with certain prominent worldwide population control advocates. The procedure, called quinacrine sterilization, uses a modified intrauterine device (IUD) applicator to introduce quinacrine pellets to within about .5 centimeters of the top, or fundus, of the uterus. There they dissolve, filling the upper womb and the nearby fallopian tubes with quinacrine hydrochloride, a strong …

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RU 486 Conference, Frankfurt, Germany

Bernadette Marx, M.M.M.J., is a resident of Breda, The Netherlands. She is a scholar, researcher and author with a doctorate in geography. A conference titled “Medical Abortion Services” occurred on 5 and 6 December 1992 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The official subject was “European perspectives on anti-progestins,” but the hidden agenda was the promotion and acceptance of RU-486, the abortion pill. The conference was organized by International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) Europe region, Birth …

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