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Topics: Guttmacher Institute

Planned Parenthood’s Assault On Teens

31 March 2008     Vol. 10 / No. 13 Dear Colleague, Most people don’t know that Planned Parenthood is constantly soliciting our young people for sexual purposes. A combination of pornography and lies is used as bait on the Web and in the classroom, with the ultimate goal of selling teenagers on birth control and, ultimately, abortion. Today we review a Planned Parenthood website intended for teens. A word of caution: Our review is intended for …

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From the Countries: Abortion Numbers Decline

A new abortion study, “Induced Abortion Rates and Trends Worldwide,” was published in The Lancet recently. The study was a collaborative effort between the Guttmacher Institute and the World Health Organization. It was completed with the intention of documenting trends worldwide. Researchers found that between the years 1995 and 2003, abortion rates declined by 15 percent, from about 46 million to 42 million. Worldwide, there were an estimated 205 million pregnancies; about 20 percent of …

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From the Countries: The Philippines and Contraception

From the mouths of the experts, we have evidence of the link between contraception and abortion. A recent (2003) research report called “Relationships Between Contraception and Abortion: A Review of the Evidence” concluded that “contraceptive prevalence and the incidence of abortion can and, indeed, often do rise in parallel, contrary to what one what one would expect.” This study was prepared by pro-abortion advocate the Allan Guttmacher Institute for Reproductive Health Research. The explanation given …

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Getting Desparate at Guttmacher

May 5, 2006 Volume 8 / Number 18 Getting Desperate at Guttmacher Dear Colleague: Guttmacher ignores the obvious and twists the statistics in defense of abortion. Steven W. Mosher President As the chances of meaningfully protecting unborn American children and their deceived mothers continues to increase, the pro-abortion side grows ever more desperate in its defense of the abortion-on-demand policy imposed on the country by the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade (1973). Some of …

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From the Countries

America Aborted Baby 47 Million in 2005 The death of the 47-millionth unborn baby due to legal abortion occurred sometime in 2005, more than 30 years after the Supreme Court enacted Roe v, Wade in 1973. The figure and timetable were calculated using data gathered by the Guttmacher Institute since 1973 and on estimates made by the National Right to Life Committee. The Guttmacher Institute counted 898,600 abortions in 1974 (the first full year of …

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The Dangers of Manual Vacuum Aspiration

June 25, 2002 Volume 4/ Number 14 Dear Colleague: One of the most common methods of abortion in the developing world is Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA). Not only is this method of abortion immoral, it is extremely unsafe for women. Today, the international abortion movement seeks to expand the number of abortions performed worldwide under the guise MVA “care for miscarriage.” But, as medical evidence shows, MVA—even when used for legitimate miscarriage care—is so substandard …

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