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Topics: women's rights

Indian woman leaning against a wall.

63 Million Women in India Are ‘Missing,’ More than 11 Million are ‘Missing’ Due to Sex-Selective Abortion

Millions of women have gone missing from India’s population due to persistent, deep-seated male bias and extreme son preference. According to a recent report from the Government of India, a staggering 63 million women are now missing from India’s population. The report estimates that nearly 2 million women are lost every year. The report further estimates that an additional 21 million girls are “unwanted” by their parents who would have preferred a boy instead. The …

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Beijing + 15: A Planned Parenthood Planet

In the upcoming two weeks, government leaders, women’s rights activists, and noted population control organizations will gather in New York City. They have one main objective: to double the current spending “on family planning and maternal health programmes in developing nations.” Vol. 12/No. 7 A clock is ticking. As the UNFPA checks the hour, every second is to them a woman without contraception, every minute an abortion unperformed. And 2015, the deadline for the Beijing …

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