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Topics: United Nations Human Rights Commission

US Birth Rate Continues to Plummet

US Birth Rate Continues to Plummet “Scientists” Advocate More Population Control Uganda Disciplines Marie Stopes International US Birth Rate Continues to Plummet Segment One Why America’s Birth Rate is Still Tanking: The Cost of Raising a Child and Lost Millennial Wealth It’s been ten years since the Great Recession ended. Yet, despite robust economic growth and low employment over the past two years, births in the United States have continued to plummet. Before the Great …

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United Nations building

UN Human Rights Committee Attempts to Reinterpret the ‘Right to Life’ to Mean the Legalization of Abortion and Assisted Suicide

The United Nations Human Rights Committee (CCPR) has released a draft document which would reinterpret an important international human rights treaty by claiming the treaty requires states to expansively legalize abortion. If adopted, the draft document, known as General Comment No. 36, would allow the Committee to place considerable pressure on independent countries to change their laws with respect to abortion. General Comment No. 36 furthermore would, for the first time in a UN treaty …

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News from Latin America: Health Minister Caught Pushing Abortion in Peru

Dr. Pilar Mazzetti, current Health Ministress of Peru, was caught in her lies. After two years of hearing from her that the morning-after pill (MAP) is not an abortifacient, PRI’s Latin American office exposed her promotion of abortion through a norm creating a new protocol of “therapeutic” abortions. New Pro-Abortion Push Dr. Victor Bazul, Director of the Peruvian Perinatal and Maternal Care Institute, went to the Peruvian Catholic Bishops Conference for help. He was being …

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