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Topics: teen mom

Teen Mom: Problem or Symptom?

Abortion advocates say condoms will cure teen pregnancy, but a leading gynecologist argues they ignore the root cause. Vol. 12/No. 10 “Every minute a woman dies from maternal causes,” proclaimed Dr. Yves Bergevin of the UNFPA, as he took the podium on the opening day of the United Nations 2010 Commission on the Status of Women.   “Rigid, moralistic abstinence-only programs of the type promoted under previous federal policy … are a failed experiment,”1 the …

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No Choice For Teen Mothers

14 January 2008     Vol. 10 / No. 2 NO CHOICE FOR TEEN MOTHERS The topics of unplanned pregnancy and teen motherhood have always been politically sensitive ones for our morally schizophrenic nation, a nation that has the highest rate of teen pregnancy of any developed country. On the one hand, conservatives hold that the skyrocketing rates of teen pregnancy are the fault of comprehensive sex education programs, laissez-faire attitudes toward contraception and abortion, and a …

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