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Get the U.S. Out of the United Nations Population Fund

The U.S. Government wastes billions on programs and initiatives that American taxpayers don’t want and certainly don’t need. But no example of government waste is more disgraceful than the tens of millions of dollars handed over each year to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)—an organization that for decades has been working hand-in-glove with China’s brutal and repressive population control policy. With the exception of the Obama administration, every other administration since the Reagan administration …

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China’s Population Control Police Should Be Abolished

China’s family planning police are widely hated and feared by the Chinese people. And who can blame them? For the past three and half decades, the family planning police have been the enforcement arm of China’s brutal one-child policy, carrying out the Communist Party’s mandate that couples have no more than one child, or no more than two if the first child was a girl. Couples who did not comply with the policy could face …

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Chen, the Conscience of China

I was going to devote this page to my recent trip to New Zealand, where I gave seven talks to a total of over 3,000 people. But then a blind Chinese human rights activist named Chen Guangcheng escaped from house arrest, and my phone began to ring off the hook. The media wanted to know what I thought of this case, so similar to my own. You see, Chen originally got in trouble in the …

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“Understanding” Joe Biden Perfects the Kowtow

For saying that he “fully understands” China’s one-child policy, the Vice President has run into a buzz saw of criticism and now calls the policy “repugnant.” But what, precisely, does Joe Biden know about Chinese-style population control, and when did he know it?

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China to End One-Child Policy in 2015 Because of Labor Shortages! (But Not Really)

I have long wondered what it would take for the Chinese Communist Party to abandon the one-child policy that it instituted back in 1980 when I was first in China. Now we know. It certainly wasn’t the bitter complaints of the Chinese people about this assault on their families and children that changed the Party’s collective mind. The Party has never shied away from imposing its will on the people it controls. Indeed, it believes, …

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For the Record …

The Latin American director of the Population Research Institute, Carlos Polo, recently charged that the United Nations’ donation of 20,000 “female condoms” given to Peru’s “family planning” programs are part of a “huge business” that involves more than $33 billion worldwide. Polo clarified on Dec. 13 that the 20,000 female condoms were given free-of- charge to Peru, but that once they are included officially as part of the government’s family planning program, “the Peruvian State …

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Ted Turner Proposes One-child Policy, China Expert Responds with Facts

According to Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute and internationally recognized China expert, this notion is absurd.

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Turner Calls for Global One-Child Policy

The Mouth of the South is at it again — praising China’s one-child policy, and calling for its adoption worldwide.

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