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Topics: Hegemon: China's Plan to Dominate Asia

While China Lies About the Wuhan Flu, America Races for a Cure

The Chinese Coronavirus has now spread to a reported 150 countries.  But the rulers of the country where the pandemic started have good news:  They have, they declared, won a complete and total victory over the dangerous pathogen. On Thursday, Chinese propaganda outlets reported that there had been “no new infections of the novel coronavirus” in Wuhan, which is ground zero in the global pandemic.  As for China as a whole, they cited the National …

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Expert Condemns China’s Poisonous Exports

"Lead in toys, poisoned toothpaste, tainted wheat, and carcinogenic shrimp are not just the products of individual Chinese factories, they are the products of the Chinese system," Mosher commented. "The mothers of America need to wake up to the dangers of the Made in China label, or there will be many more injuries and deaths in the months to come."Mr. Mosher is one of the nation’s leading experts on China. In 1979, he became the …

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The Poisoning of America: China’s Food and Drugs are Unsafe at Any Price

Editor’s note: As a pro-life organization, we are concerned about all threats to innocent human life, including China’s dangerous exports. The news that Chinese toothpaste brands sold in Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Australia contained diethylene glycol, a highly toxic chemical used in engine coolants, came as a shock to U.S. health officials. It shouldn’t have. Lack of Safety Controls China, as anyone who has lived there knows, has virtually no safety controls on food …

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Motherless Russia

“In general, Russia suffers from a frightening poverty in the sphere of facts and a frightening wealth of all types of arguments,” wrote Chekhov in a letter to a friend. Now, Russia suffers from a destructive poverty of a sort that she has not in a long time, of people, while she continues to groan under an increasing surfeit of social and domestic problems. Previous would-be conquerors of Russia such as Napoleon and Hitler failed …

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