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Science Ignored: Dissecting Pregnancy as a Disease

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court decided Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, and ruled the federal government could not require closely-held corporations to provide no-cost contraception for their employees. Although that was the question before the Supreme Court, there were many things the Supreme Court didn’t have the jurisdiction to rule on yesterday.  And the most important of these issues–the basic premise at the root of the case’s ideological divide–was not up for debate: that contraception …

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Reproductive Health Mortality

Population controllers are constantly talking about “reproductive health,” and their burning desire to reduce maternal mortality worldwide. This is the excuse that they use for pushing contraception, legalized abortion, and sterilization on developing countries all over the world. However, this is simply a ploy to make their real purpose more palatable: controlling the world’s “booming” population. Those Who Suffer Babies and children are not the only ones who suffer from this misguided mission. Mothers and …

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