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Topics: Catholics

US parish finds a way to give faithful Holy Communion during coronavirus shut down

After listing all the prudential reasons why our churches have been locked down during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, Father Raymond de Souza writes in the National Catholic Register that “the challenge remains about how to administer the sacraments. … Confessions are not being heard [and] Holy Communion is almost nowhere being distributed.”

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PRI President Steve Mosher to Appear on EWTN’s “The World Over”

PRI President Steven Mosher will appear on EWTN’s “The World Over” with Raymond Arroyo, Thursday March 5th, at 8 p.m. ET. Steve will discuss with Raymond the origins of the coronavirus epidemic that began in China. How was it allowed—by evil or incompetence—to spread throughout China and the world by the Chinese Communist Party? Steve will also share the latest news about the persecution of the Catholic Church in China. The provisional, two-year Sino-Vatican Agreement expires this …

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Argentina Lower House Approves Bill to Legalize Abortion On-Demand

The lower house of the Argentine congress, known as the Chamber of Deputies, has narrowly approved of a bill that would legalize abortion on-demand up 14 weeks gestation. The bill would also legalize abortion after 14 weeks in cases of rape, health of the mother, and fetal disability. The shocking result came yesterday morning after 23 hours of often heated debate. The final vote tally showed 129 deputies in favor of legalizing abortion with 125 …

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PRI Review (v28, n2) March/April

Abortion Pressure in the U.S. 1 World Too Hot for Children? 2 Bully of Asia on the Circuit 3 How to Resist Distraction 4 The Wisdom of Humanae Vitae 6 Celebrate HV in Your Parish 8 Latin America Defends Marriage 9 PRI in the News 10 Ted Kershaw, Rest in Peace 11 From the Countries 12

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News from Latin America: Nicaragua’s Glory: One Step Ahead in Protection of Unborn Children

While a central aim in the strategy of the international pro-abortion movement is to exploit Criminal Code exceptions for some abortions, we have received excellent news from Nicaragua. Removing the very old dodge of the “therapeutic abortion” excuse, Nicaragua is about to have the most pro-life law in Latin America. No Therapeutic Abortions On October 26, 2006, the National Assembly of Nicaragua voted unanimously (52 in favor, 0 against, with a number of abstentions) to …

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President’s Page: Sexuality Uber Alles

A rational, which is to say Catholic, view of human sexuality sees it as merely one aspect of the human person, necessarily bounded by moral strictures and cultural mores that keep this powerful drive channeled and controlled for the good of the person, the family, and the nation. Restricted to marriage, that the two may become one and beget offspring, it becomes a powerful force for good. This is emphatically not the view that predominates …

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Pro-Life Travels: Sri Lanka

The “resplendent island,” better I known as Sri Lanka and formerly as Ceylon, is situated off the south-eastern coast of India. Multi-ethnic and multi-religious, it has a population of 20 million and a land mass of 65,610 square kilometers. Ethnically, its people are Singhalese (69%), the majority of whom are Buddhists; Tamils, who are mostly Hindu, account for 15% of the population; the Moors (8%) are Muslims and steadily increasing; while Catholics, drawn from all …

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