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Countries: Romania

PRI Review (v30, n1) January/February

One More Way American Kowtows to China 2 A New Years Resolution Worth Keeping 3 The Most Fascinating Book on Earth! 4 Bishop on Run After Vatican/China Deal 6 The Sexual Revolution’s Intellectual Poison 8 Turmoil  in Latin America – What’s At Stake 9 PRI in the News 10 From the Countries 12

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PRI Review (v29, n6) November/December

Sanders All Wrong on Overpopulation 2 Be A Blessing to Others 3 The Perfect Christmas Gift 4 The Netherlands vs. Stay-at-Home Moms 6 Without HV: Turmoil for Church and State 8 Pro Life Victory in Ecuador! 9 PRI in the News 11 From the Countries 12

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PRI Review: 2016 (v26, n2) March/April

Abortion Activists Attempt to Use the Zika virus to Legalize Abortion 1 President’s Page: Pro-life Progress in the Land Down Under 2 From The Countries 3 May I Send You These Gifts? 4 Good News from the Third World 6 Latin American Page 7 Indiana Lawmakers Introduce Heartbeat Law 8 PRI in the News 10 Development Desk 11 Correspondence 12

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Why Normal People Should Care About “Baby Busts”

  Long, long ago, when Anne’s parents were in college (sorry, mom and dad), demographers made an observation: they saw that for most of human history, even though couples were having far more than two children, mortality was also very high. The result was that populations either stayed the same or grew very slowly. Then, with the advent of modern medicine, our life expectancy doubled, and then doubled again. And, not unexpectedly, our population doubled, …

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The Birth Dearth: Economic and Social Impact of Aging Societies

ROME, SEPT 30, 2007 (— Decades of declining birthrates are causing a rapid aging of many nation’s populations. Romanian President Traian Basescu recently warned that his country’s population was declining and that more needs to be done to support women who have children, the Associated Press reported Sept. 18. “Romania urgently needs to revise its demographic policies,” he told participants at a conference on population and development in the city of Sibiu. The tuition has …

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For the Record…

“A pro-family organization has done extensive research into birthrates around the world and has concluded that if the Western world wants to survive, it better start having more children. The Population Research institute (PRI) says virtually every Western or Westernized nation on the planet is slowly dying off because birthrates have fallen below the 21child-per-woman replacement level. “PRI spokesman Joseph D’Agostino says for the most part, only Muslims have high birthrates. ‘It’s because Christians and …

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Family Planning Graduation

It’s time to graduate some Third World countries from American-sponsored population control. “Population stabilization” in developing countries is an official purpose of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), though in keeping with the zeitgeist, efforts to achieve that goal are today called family planning programs. In this time of massive deficits, American taxpayers pay over $400 million a year (conservatively estimated) to reduce the populations of Third World nations whose birthrates have already collapsed …

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The Contraceptive Pushers Come to Romania

What does a dying country like Romania need? More contraceptives and sex ed, according to USAID, which is furiously building up its programs there. Freedom came to Romania with the fall of Ceausescu, but not for the unborn. Decree Number 1 of the new government, passed on the day after Christmas 1989, legalized abortion on demand. It is no coincidence that USAID, which promotes contraception, sterilization, and — more or less openly — abortion, set …

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