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Countries: Haiti

Human Rights Abuses Chart

Australia Year Type of Abuse Estimated Number Sex Targeted Reference early 1990s use of still experimental contraceptives 30 women “From the Countries” Jan/Feb 92 V. 2 N. 1 p. 11. 2004 Underage teens put on Implanon without parental knowledge women “From the Countries” Mar/Apr 04 V. 14 N. 2 p. 14. 1992-1998 Illegal sterilizations of girls with disabilities over 1000 women “From the Countries” Jan/Feb 98 V. 8 N. 1 p. 14. Austria Year Type …

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As Cholera Death Toll Soars, U.N. Tacitly Admits Starting Haiti Epidemic

After six years of denial, the United Nations has tacitly admitted its role in starting Haiti’s cholera epidemic. Since Cholera was introduced to the Caribbean island nation by U.N. peacekeepers in 2010, over 800,000 people have been afflicted. It has become the worst Cholera outbreak in modern history. “The U.N. has become convinced that it needs to do much more regarding its own involvement in the initial outbreak,” a spokesman for U.N. Secretary General Ban …

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