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Topics: reproductive choice

From “The New Biopolitics”

This article originally appeared in Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, Summer 2006. Three biopolitical regions are emerging in the twenty-first century. First is an axis of inequality, including India, China, Taiwan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and parts of nearby East and Asia, which now have approximately 105 men per 100 women, with ratios among younger cohorts running as high as 118:100. Second is an axis of decline, sweeping in almost all of Europe along with Japan and …

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Forced Abortions in America: Case Before Supreme Court

You don’t have to go to China to discover forced abortion. It exists right here in America, and has for many years. Jane Roe II’s Story Last month, PRI Review carried the story of the forced abortion of a woman in Florida. To summarize, on March 29, 1997, a young, pregnant woman we’ll call Jane Roe II entered the Aware Woman Center for Choice in Florida for an abortion. She was undressed and put on …

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