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Topics: media campaign

Nigerian Women Don’t Want What the U.S. is Peddling

                      With a population of 177 million, Nigeria has long been a target of population controllers. It is listed in NSSM 200, the infamous Nixon/Kissinger document which launched the war on people, as a country of special concern. As such, it has gotten more than its share of the abortifacients, sterilizing agents, and contraceptives that the American government has poured into Africa over the past …

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News from Latin America: Abortion legalized in Mexican capital

A long-run fight for life has begun in Mexico On April 24 the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City, dominated by members of the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD1), voted to legalize abortion up to the twelfth week of pregnancy in the Mexican capital. Pro-lifers throughout the country are preparing for a prolonged battle for life. New Abortion Definition The new law defines illegal abortion in Mexico City as “the interruption of pregnancy after …

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