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Topics: maternal health

While Admitting Risks, WHO Continues to Recommend Injectable Contraceptives for Women at High Risk of Contracting HIV

Since 1991, numerous studies have shown that injectable contraceptives like Depo-Provera may increase women’s risk of contracting HIV. The World Health Organization (WHO) has now changed its recommendations on certain injectable contraceptives in light of mounting evidence and increasing concern. A new guidance statement recently released by the WHO has moved progestogen-only injectable contraceptives from category 1 to category 2 for women at high risk of contracting HIV. A meta-analytical study[1] sponsored by the Population …

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A Cut for Population Control Money?

Volume 8 / Number 39 Dear Colleague: There is a chance that U.S. funding for international population control could go down, since that is the Bush Administration’s wish. Steven W. Mosher President A Cut for Population Control Money? Official federal spending on overseas ‘population assistance,’ which means population control, has a slim chance of dropping significantly in fiscal year 2007. The Bush Administration proposed only $357 million for such family planning programs early this year, …

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