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The Antidote to Coercive Population Control

The primary tenet of population control is simple: using contraception and abortifacients, families can “control” when their reproductive systems work and when they don’t – hence the endless cries that women “should have control over their own bodies” in the name of reproductive health. However, in much of the world, the glittering rhetoric of fertility control gives way to the reality of control of the poorest citizens by their governments or large corporations. Governments and …

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Your Unwilling Contribution to the UNFPA

You probably didn’t know it, but some of the money extracted from your paycheck by the IRS winds up in China, where it is used to fund that country’s population control programs.  Here’s how it works: The United States gives money to the UNFPA. Last year this largess came to $30,200,000. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), in turn, gives money to China. Last year some $4,861,000 went to China for so-called “population dynamics programs,” …

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The Mirena IUD is Becoming More Popular – and the Lawsuits are Piling Up

You know a contraceptive drug or device is in trouble when the lawsuits begin to multiply. A growing number of American women are turning to intrauterine devices (IUDs), reports Lawrence Finer of the Guttmacher Institute. Of all American women using birth control, some 7.5 percent had IUDs implanted by 2009. These numbers were double what they had been a few short years before. As befits an employee of a population control organization, Finer is pleased …

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Celebrate the Living, But Mourn the Dead

As our numbers pass seven billion, remember that, but for abortion, we would be passing eight.

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Teen Mom: Problem or Symptom?

Abortion advocates say condoms will cure teen pregnancy, but a leading gynecologist argues they ignore the root cause. Vol. 12/No. 10 “Every minute a woman dies from maternal causes,” proclaimed Dr. Yves Bergevin of the UNFPA, as he took the podium on the opening day of the United Nations 2010 Commission on the Status of Women.   “Rigid, moralistic abstinence-only programs of the type promoted under previous federal policy … are a failed experiment,”1 the …

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For the Record

The Population Research Institute, a Catholic-based group questions how the Guttmacher Institute arrives at its statistics. Colin Mason, the media director finds it curious for example that Guttmacher would claim 250,000 illegal abortions in Colombia when according to Mason, the country’s Minister of Health says that just 50 women sought abortions after they became legal. “If there is such an unmet need and they are in a country like Columbia spreading the word about abortion,” …

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Global Monitor

A Conspiracy So Vast … The Misoprostol Conundrum Misoprostol is not just a problem in Latin America. [For more information on the Misoprostol crisis facing the pro-life movement, please visit our Latin American website, at Ed.] Virtually every abortion-minded international group has signed on to promote chemical abortion by means of Misoprostol. It is not just IPPF, Ipas, Ibis, Guttmacher, Marie Stopes and Gynuity but also the World Bank, World Health Organization, and the …

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Planned Parenthood’s Assault On Teens

The United States of America has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the Western world. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute’s 2002 report, 75 out of every 1,000 girls aged 15–19 in the United States will get pregnant. Twenty-one out of every 1,000 will get an abortion. Planned Parenthood Pressure One reason why our teen pregnancy and abortion rate is so high is because of Planned Parenthood’s relentless targeting of our young people. Americans need …

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