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Topics: Dr. George Tiller

“I Saw the Humanity of the Fetus:” The Testimony of an Abortion Clinic Worker

Editor’s Note: Valerie (a pseudonym) worked as a “medical assistant” in an abortion clinic for six years. Then, one day, she found herself looking into the face of an aborted child. Her heart was touched, and she found her way to freedom from the morbid confines of the abortuary and deliverance from its lies and profiteering. She also found personal redemption from her past deeds through confession and prayer. Here she recounts for us her …

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President’s Page: Time to Defund Planned Parenthood

For over three decades, Planned Parenthood has fattened at the federal trough. This year alone, over $300 million in Title X money is slated to go to the nation’s biggest abortion provider, a huge subsidy amounting to about one-third of its annual budget. The good news is that, for the first time, a major Planned Parenthood affiliate is in serious legal trouble. As a result, this funding may now be vulnerable. Charges Filed On October …

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