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Topics: abortion movement

Why Abortion Does Not Solve Child Rape

The abortion movement has created a new class of victims:  Pregnant pubescent girls who are being used to justify “therapeutic” abortion.   Vol. 12/No. 12 There is no tragedy that the abortion movement does not seek to turn to its own advantage. Consider the case of a young girl in Quintana Roo, Mexico, who was raped by her supposed stepfather and impregnated at the tender age of 10.  After the girl’s mother belatedly notified the …

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Teen Mom: Problem or Symptom?

Abortion advocates say condoms will cure teen pregnancy, but a leading gynecologist argues they ignore the root cause. Vol. 12/No. 10 “Every minute a woman dies from maternal causes,” proclaimed Dr. Yves Bergevin of the UNFPA, as he took the podium on the opening day of the United Nations 2010 Commission on the Status of Women.   “Rigid, moralistic abstinence-only programs of the type promoted under previous federal policy … are a failed experiment,”1 the …

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News from Latin America: One Less Weapon Against the Unborn: The Abortion Pill Gets Pulled from the Market

The abortion movement in Peru now has one less weapon. Ivyfemme was the Peruvian trade name of the drug formally known as ormeloxifene, made by a pharmaceutical company known as Hindustan. Hindustan recently had the distinction of getting its license to sell drugs revoked by Peru’s Directorate General of Supplies and Drugs (DIGEMID). The reason for the recall order? The laboratory was found to be working on technologies that impeded implantation of the fertilized egg. …

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What Are They Thinking?

30 May 2007     Vol. 9 / No. 19 Dear Colleague, Why has the abortion movement reintroduced the Freedom of Choice Act now, when it stands little chance of passage? Steven W. Mosher President    What Are They Thinking? Even though the recent Gonzales v. Carhart decision provided only minimal protection for unborn babies, it has sparked a veritable frenzy of protest from the die-hard pro-abortion lobby.  These hardliners insist that the insurmountable “right to choose” is …

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Global Monitor

New Zealand Aging New Zealand’s Prime Minister Helen Clark believes she has the solution to that country’s problem of an aging population with little money saved to provide for twilight years: Force them to save through KiwiSaver, an automatic-deductible savings plan. The KiwiSaver plan initiates a mutual fund savings account to which New Zealanders would contribute and which would be accessible only after retirement. As people live longer and have smaller families, New Zealand’s dependency …

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