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Serbian War Crimes, UNFPA and Crimes Against Humanity

June 1, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 3 Dear Friend and Colleague: During times of war, population reduction programs often take on new names. We are concerned about reported instances of war crimes committed in Yugoslavia against the Kosovar population. Our concern over human rights abuses extends to within the refugee camps, even those policed by the United Nations. PRI calls upon the UNFPA to account for their actions within the refugee camps, and encourages our elected …

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Spin Doctoring Won’t Change the Truth About China’s One-Child Policy

May 24, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 2 Dear Friend and Colleague: Contrary to claims made by the UNFPA that China’s government is ready to implement a “kinder, gentler” one-child policy, officials in China’s communist government state that measures are being taken to make the policy more strict than ever. Before the US Congress is the question to restore $25 million in US taxpayers’ dollars to the UNFPA to participate in population control programs in China. China’s …

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China, the UNFPA, and ‘Reproductive Rights’

May 17, 1999 Volume 1/ Number China, the UNFPA, and ‘Reproductive Rights’ Zhu Qingping begged not to be sent back to China. Eight months pregnant with her second child, she was certain that she would be aborted upon arrival. Let her remain in the immigration detention camp at Port Hedland, Australia, until she gave birth, she pleaded with government officials. After that her baby would be safe, and they could do what they wanted with …

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