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PRI Releases New Evidence of UNFPA’s Complicity with Milosevic

August 2, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 12 Dear Friend and Colleague: The controversy over the UNFPA’s involvement with the Milosevic regime continues to intensify. We present below new evidence of that regime’s intent to lower the Kosovar birthrate, as well as the UNFPA’s involvement. Steven W. Mosher President PRI RELEASES NEW EVIDENCE OF UNFPA’SCOMPLICITY WITH MILOSEVIC UN Agency Continues Blanket Denial of Involvement in ‘Stealth’ Ethnic Cleansing of Kosovars The Population Research Institute (PRI) today released …

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PRI Opposes ‘Normal Trade Relations’ With China

July 30, 1999  Volume 1/ Number 11 Dear Friend and Colleague: This week the US Congress renewed Normal Trade Relations (NTR) with China. Years of “normal” trade relations with China have fueled China’s one-child policy of forced abortion and coercive “family planning.” Today, China stands poised on the threshold of entering the World Trade Organization, which would effectively make NTR with China permanent. The human rights abuses committed against the people of China by their own …

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UN Report Undercuts Attempt to Restore UNFPA Funding

July 19, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 10 Dear Friend and Colleague: The US Congress is considering refunding the UNFPA. A recent UN report confirming the dire threat of underpopulation suggests that pouring more funds into population control would be a mistake. Moreover, by UNFPA’s own admission, Chinese officials will impose ‘social compensation fees’ on parents who violate the one-child policy in the 32 counties in which it will operating. The Tiahrt Amendment forbids any US …

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Milosevic and UNFPA ‘Team Up’ to Target Kosovars

July 13, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 9 Dear Friend and Colleague: The Population Research Institute was concerned about the UNFPA’s “reproductive health” campaign that the UNFPA is waging against the Kosovar refugee population. PRI sent veteran journalist Austin Ruse to investigate. The startling revelations contained in this Weekly News Briefing are based on the report which will appear in the upcoming issue of the PRI Review. Steven W. Mosher President Milosevic and UNFPA ‘Team Up” to …

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US Congress on the Verge of Restoring Funds for Population Control in China

July 6, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 8 Dear Friend and Colleague: The US Senate last month passed a bill to enforce payment of the US “debt” to the United Nations. Included in this bill is language that would resume funding for the UN Population Fund’s (UNFPA), which is heavily involved in China. PRI argues that the UNFPA should not receive US funds for its population control programs in China and elsewhere. Steven W. Mosher President US …

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UNFPA Awards Vietnam for Aping China’s One-Child Policy

June 29, 1999 Volume 1/ Number Dear Friend and Colleague: Our Weekly News Briefing focuses on the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which has just given its highest award to the government of Vietnam for its Draconian efforts to limit every couple to one or two children. The Vietnamese program is modeled closely upon that of China, and is rife with similar abuses. Vietnam, one of the few Communist governments left in the world, has long …

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Disney/Donald Duck Video on Population Control Sold by Planned Parenthood Affiliate

June 22, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 6 Dear Friend and Colleague: Walt Disney loved children, and the “wonderful world” he created was a wholesome kind of entertainment for all ages. Since his death in 1966, however, the Disney Corporation has been widely criticized for producing material that undercuts its founder’s vision of a child- and family-friendly entertainment. A 1968 Donald Duck cartoon on “overpopulation” reveals just how soon after Disney’s death his successors began following the …

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Ending Human Rights Abuses Committed in the Name of “Family Planning”

June 15, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 5 Dear Friend and Colleague: Since the 1960's, the United States has been giving money to organizations that run "voluntary family planning" programs around the world. The Tiahrt Amendment – which essentially defines "voluntariness" with respect to family planning, passed the US Congress with bipartisan support, and was signed into law on 22 October 1998. PRI remains concerned of continued violations of the human rights of women in the developing …

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