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UNFPA Spokesman Lies About Milosevic Partnership to Preserve US Funding

September 28, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 19 Dear Friend and Colleague: Last week, the US Congress convened to examine this year’s legislation on UN funding. The conference debate came to a impasse over the question of refunding the UN Population Fund (UNFPA). UNFPA funding was severed last year when it was discovered that the UN agency was complicit with China’s one-child policy. UNFPA officials have also stated on record that they were “requested by the Yugoslavian …

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Know Your Rights!

September 17, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 18 Dear Friend and Colleague: Since the 1960's, the United States has been funding so-called "voluntary family planning" programs around the world. Many of these programs have been "voluntary" in name only. Coercion, bribes, targets, and quotas have been rampant. A new law, called the Tiahrt Amendment, for the first time defines what "voluntary" means with respect to family planning. It passed the US Congress with bipartisan support, and was …

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Feminist Rights Agenda Storms United Nations

September 10, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 17 Dear Friend and Colleague: In the latest issue of the PRI Review (June/July 1999), human rights expert and founding member of Australians for Population Justice, Rita M. Joseph, describes how the crusade for radical feminist rights has advanced the population control movement through the United Nations Conference circuit. Joseph’s expertise and insights are especially timely considering the recent and controversial Cairo+5 UN meeting in New York that trampled …

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When Family Planning Is Ethnic Cleansing

September 3, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 16 Dear Friend and Colleague: PRI’s reports of UNFPA’s operations in Kosovar refugee camps in Albania, in the last two issue of PRI Review, revealed UNFPA’s intentions to follow the refugees homeward. UNFPA was invited to Kosovo, and only into Kosovo, by the Milosevic government. I have sent PRI Associate Researcher Josipa Gasparic to Kosovo to investigate. Her full report will appear in the upcoming issue of PRI Review. …

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New York Post Faults UN Agency for Ethnic Cleansing of Albanians

August 24, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 15 Dear Friend and Colleague: Since launching its “reproductive health” campaign in the Kosovo region, the UNFPA’s press office has disguised its “stealth” ethnic cleansing campaign behind a mask of “humanitarianism.” PRI’s investigations of UNFPA operations in the region reveal that the UNFPA is distributing dangerous “reproductive health” supplies to Kosovar women, including abortion inducing “morning after” pills; crude IUD devices, and manual vacuum aspirators for abortion. The UNFPA has …

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Reversing Itself, UNFPA Admits Ties to Milosevic Regime

August 16, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 14 Dear Friend and Colleague: Last week, UNFPA officials confirmed to PRI the connection between the UNFPA’s “reproductive health” campaign in Kosovo and the government of indicted war criminal and Yugoslavian president Slobodan Milosevic, whose previous ethnic cleansing campaign against the same population failed. The UNFPA, which earlier had issued a blanket denial of PRI’s reportage, was unable to disprove a single one of our well-documented charges. Now it has …

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Disney Continues to Propagandize ‘Myth of Overpopulation’ in Public Schools

August 11, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 13 Dear Friend and Colleague: A few weeks ago, PRI revealed Disney’s collaboration in promoting the myth of overpopulation. The 1968 cartoon, “Planificacion Familiar” (“Family Planning”), features Donald Duck, a well-loved children’s figure, proclaiming the dangers of population growth, including mass starvation (PRI’s Weekly News Briefing of 22 June 1999, Volume 1, Number 6). Disney Educational Productions told PRI that “Family Planning” was discontinued in 1988 because of decreasing …

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PRI Releases New Evidence of UNFPA’s Complicity with Milosevic

August 2, 1999 Volume 1/ Number 12 Dear Friend and Colleague: The controversy over the UNFPA’s involvement with the Milosevic regime continues to intensify. We present below new evidence of that regime’s intent to lower the Kosovar birthrate, as well as the UNFPA’s involvement. Steven W. Mosher President PRI RELEASES NEW EVIDENCE OF UNFPA’SCOMPLICITY WITH MILOSEVIC UN Agency Continues Blanket Denial of Involvement in ‘Stealth’ Ethnic Cleansing of Kosovars The Population Research Institute (PRI) today released …

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