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The Ordeal of Chinese Mothers Continues: New Evidence of Massive Female Infanticide

June 7, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 10 Dear Friend and Colleague: Despite reports that China’s one-child policy is easing, the most Draconian program to limit births the world has ever known continues apace. As told in A Mother’s Ordeal: One Woman’s Fight Against China’s One-Child Policy (now available from PRI), forced abortion, forced sterilization, and female infanticide continue. Steven W. Mosher President The Ordeal of Chinese Mothers Continues: New Evidence of Massive Female Infanticide Twenty …

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Congress Calls on USAID to Investigate Family Planning Abuses

March 31, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 9 Dear Friend and Colleague: This week, members of Congress requested that USAID Administrator, Brady Anderson, investigate possible violations of the Tiahrt Amendment occurring within family planning projects run by the Peruvian Ministry of Health (MOH) and funded by USAID. The request stems from evidence presented by PRI at a 14 March Congressional Briefing that Peruvian woman continue to be abused in family planning projects. Steven W. Mosher President Congress …

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The Barrenness of Success

March 24, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 8 Dear Friend and Colleague: The UN Population Division (UNPD) on 21 March 2000 released a report titled “Replacement Migration: Is it a Solution to Declining and Aging Populations?” The report states that “virtually all the countries of Europe are expected to decrease in population size over the next 50 years” (UNPD, Executive Summary, 1, 4). Because of the “extraordinarily large numbers of migrants that would be required” to maintain …

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USAID Controversy Erupts in Dominican Republic

March 17, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 7 Dear Friend and Colleague: Early this week Congressmen Todd Tiahrt (R-4-KS) and Christopher Smith (R-4-NJ) called upon USAID to investigate its “family planning” projects in Peru which appear to be in violation of US law. This request was based on testimony obtained by PRI in Peru from women who say they were pressured or bribed into undergoing sterilization or contracepting with IUDs, Depo-Provera, and birth control pills. A …

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Peru’s Coercive Family Planning Programs and USAID Involvement

 March 6, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 6 Dear Friend and Colleague: Evidence of human rights abuses in Peru’s family-planning program was obtained by investigators David Morrison and Dr. Pat McEwen, Director of Life Coalition International, during a PRI-sponsored investigation carried out in 1999 December. The following testimonies describe abuses which took place after the Tiahrt Amendment, which prohibits US funds from going to non-voluntary foreign family planning programs, was singed into law in October 1998. The …

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Robbing from the Poor: Underpopulation Strikes America

March 3, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 5 Dear Friend and Colleague: With America’s labor markets tightening, Alan Greenspan proposes to increase legal immigration levels. At the same time, President Clinton is paradoxically preparing to extract from the US taxpayer record sums aimed at reducing the number of babies born at home and abroad. Steven W. Mosher President Robbing from the Poor: Underpopulation Strikes America Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, in recent testimony before Congress, has said he …

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Commerce Spin Aids Domestic Family Planning Proposal

February 23, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 4 Dear Friend and Colleague: Statistics issued by the US Census Bureau months ago were recently resurrected by the US Department of Commerce to suggest that America is becoming overpopulated. Steven W. Mosher President Commerce Spin Aids Domestic Family Planning Proposal POPULATION RESEARCH INSTITUTE — The timing was most curious. Immediately after Clinton announced in his weekly radio address on 8 January 2000 his proposal to increase domestic family planning …

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Clinton’s Foreign Family Planning Targets Africa

February16, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 3 Dear Friend and Colleague: William Jefferson Clinton has promised the “family planning” lobby in Washington, DC, to restore spending for foreign “family planning” to its 1995 record level. In his 2001 budget summary, the President couches population control for black Africans in terms of AIDS prevention, while scholars show little connection between condom use and preventing the spread of the epidemic. Steven W. Mosher President  Clinton’s Foreign Family Planning Targets …

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