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RU 486 and Our Ties to China

October 27, 2000  Volume 2/ Number 19 Dear Friend and Colleague: What diminishes some humanity, in the end diminishes us all. Steven W. Mosher President  RU 486 and Our Ties to China It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. In China, a baby boy was born after a failed abortion. The population control police were not happy with this outcome, and abandoned him in a lavatory adjacent to their offices …

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Abortion and Population Control

October 19, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 18 Dear Friend and Colleague: There has been a lot in the news recently about “racial profiling.” Both presidential candidates have decried its use. But there is another form of racial profiling that needs to be exposed and stopped: The targeting of minorities by the abortion industry. Rev. Hunter and LEARN intend to do just that. Steven W. Mosher President Abortion and Population Control On Columbus Day, nearly a thousand …

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Drowning Babies in Dollars

September 6, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 17 Dear Friend and Colleague: The deliberate drowning of a newborn infant by Chinese officials has shocked the world, yet similar atrocities are a daily occurrence in China. From the arrest and torture of religious believers, to the incarceration or execution of political dissidents, to the continued oppression of Tibetans and other minorities, China continues to have one of the worst human rights records in the world. We cannot trade …

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AIDS and Population Control In Africa

August 8, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 16 Dear Friend and Colleague: At a time when the AIDS epidemic is ravaging Africa, and threatens to reduce the populations of many countries, we continue to spend tens of millions of dollars on so-called “population stabilization” efforts. Even our response to AIDS is mostly limited to throwing boatloads of condoms at the problem, which only seems to have exacerbated the problem. Is it any wonder that African leaders are …

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Family Planning Costs Lives

July 21, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 15 Dear Friend and Colleague: Clinton’s proposed $169 million increase in “population stabilization” spending is being supported by the population control lobby on the spurious grounds that additional money so spent will save the lives of many mothers and infants. The truth, as we show below, is that this money would be far better spent on primary health care, where it would save the lives of ten times as many …

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Another Country

July 12, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 14 Dear Friend and Colleague: Stenberg vs. Carhart is a most horrendous decision, defying all manner of logic and decency. There was a time when such decisions only happened in countries ruled by oppressive, Godless regimes. Steven W. Mosher President Another Country Twenty years ago I was an eyewitness to forced abortions and infanticide in China. I saw young women five, seven, and even nine months pregnant coerced into operating …

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Population Growth and its Enemies

28 June 2000 Volume 2, Number 13 Dear Friend and Colleague: Many of the people behind the call for population control behave as though the world is their private country club. “No Children or Poor People Allowed,” reads the sign they have posted at the gate. They are not aware of how much poorer they themselves would be if this rule were enforced with any rigor. Steven W. Mosher President  Population Growth and its Enemies …

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Immigration verus Population Control

June 20, 2000 Volume 2/ Number 12 Dear Friend and Colleague:  With the developing countries beginning to realize the folly of zero population growth, it becomes increasingly difficult to justify family planning. Equity and benevolence are not part of the agenda of population controllers. What will the backlash be when the developing world realizes that foreign aid comes with a price tag?  Steven W. Mosher President  Immigration versus Population Control Should We Welcome Foreign Workers or …

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