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A selection of the publications in which PRI has been featured:

The Overpopulation Myth (2015 August 19) Catholic Answers Live interviews Steven Mosher about the myth of overpopulation. Listen to the interview.

Step aside, Great Helmsman, Big Daddy is here (2015 July 15) Steven Mosher explains how “Xi Jinping now stands unchallenged at the top of China’s power pyramid” for the Washington Times.

The Earth is Not “Sick” and Mankind is Thriving as Never Before (2015 July 7) Steven Mosher critiques Laudato Si for the Sunday New York Post.

Zombie charities push population control (2015 June 29) Steven Mosher explains in the Washington Times how so-called “aid” organizations — including Catholic Relief Services (CRS) — collect millions of federal taxpayer dollars in exchange for pushing population control.

Steve Mosher: A Vision of ‘Hell’ Brought Him to the Church (2012 January 20) How an atheist social researcher’s encounter with forced abortion in China led him to embrace the Catholic Faith.

Overpopulation: Myths and Reality (PDF) This cover story for the World Economic Journal includes extended comments from Steven Mosher on population issues.

Double Jeopardy The cover story for World Magazine discusses Chinese dissident, Chen Guangcheng, forced abortion, and academic freedom with extensive quotes from Steven Mosher.

By 2100, Some See too Many Births, Some See too Few This Washington Times article cites Steven Mosher on United Nations population projections and fertility rates.

Foreign Aid Tied to Sterilization in India PRI Correspondent, Celeste McGovern writes on sterilization campaigns in India in the National Catholic Register.

Undesirables Jamie Dean of World Magazine discusses population control in Kenya with Steven Mosher.

‘One Child’ Policy Weakens Chinese Economy, Expert Says K-FAX and CNS News cites Steven Mosher on the economic costs of population control.

The Human Events Group: Growing Chinese Power–to What End? (PDF) This special report, written by Steven W. Mosher and Chuck DeVore, was published in Human Events and analyzes China’s hegemonic ambitions.

Book Review: ‘A Mother’s Ordeal-One Woman’s Fight Against China’s One-Child Policy’ Elise Hilton from the Acton Institute discusses Steven Mosher’s book, A Mother’s Ordeal.

Gates Foundation, USAID, and Contraception The National Catholic Register quotes Steven Mosher on African population control and its funders.

Dutch abortion activist group launches ‘abortion drone’ PRI researcher Jonathan Abbamonte reports in American Thinker on the first “abortion drone” to deliver abortifacients illegally to Poland.

Population to reach 7 billion. ‘Relax!’ (YouTube cartoon) Includes an audio interview with Steven Mosher.

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