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No one should be pressured into killing their child, yet in the Caribbean, abortion is the only answer given to desperate mothers.

PRI is bringing hope to the Caribbean Islands in the first-ever full-service Family Care Center.

Help us open more.

What your gift can do...



A month's supply of diapers and wipes.



Clothe and provide blankets for first 3 months.



A crib and other safety necessities.



A doctor will deliver the baby.

As we learned in those gruesome videos, Planned Parenthood is a dirty business.

And in countries where the Population Research Institute (PRI) works, such as St. Lucia, International Planned Parenthood has a deadly monopoly on women facing a crisis pregnancy.

When a woman is pregnant and desperate, a visit to Planned Parenthood is a death sentence for her baby.

That’s why PRI is expanding its work. In addition to pioneering research to expose myths peddled by the abortion industry, PRI has helped open the first-ever full-service Family Care Center on the island of St. Lucia.

But we can’t succeed without your help. Along with our advocacy and education, your gift to PRI today helps provide impoverished expectant mothers with:

  • Free medical care provided by volunteer doctors and nurses
  • Housing at the Center
  • Job training
  • Mother and baby supplies
  • Plus other essential pre-natal and post-natal aid for mothers and babies

With your help, this Family Care Center is the first of what we hope will be many more across the 13 Caribbean islands to break International Planned Parenthood’s monopoly on the lives of vulnerable women and their unborn babies.

Because when Planned Parenthood loses a customer, the whole world profits.