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PRI in the News:
Overpopulation Is a Myth

Undesirables: The UN and the Kenyan government report a vexing problem: The ‘demand’ for children is too high

For Kenyan parents who want three or more children, the United Nations has a message: Your desires cross ours. That’s the thrust of the “Kenya Population Situation Analysis”—a recent report sponsored by the Kenyan government and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). (The United States gave the UNFPA $30 million in 2012.) The 300-page document reports many Kenyan women have unmet needs for family planning services, but it claims a more fundamental problem with high …

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Overpopulation: Myths and Reality

Over the past 54 years, the earth’s population has more than doubled, and according to a recent UN report, the next 12 years promise a new wave of growth. By 2050, the UN forecasts that there will be 9.6 billion people on the planet, leading to a rapid depletion of Earth’s capacities, from energy sources to freshwater reserves. Yet the birthrate has begun falling over the past decade, not just in developed western countries, but in …

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Population to reach 7 billion. ‘Relax!’ (YouTube cartoon)

“The fight against the myth of overpopulation does not have to be a bare-knuckled brawl,” says Steven Mosher, PRI’s president. “These videos are funny and easy to digest, the very opposite of Al Gore’s boring pronouncements on the ‘dangers’ of too many people. Our viewers end up considering the science that supports our pro-people position, often for the very first time. We say to our skeptics: watch, laugh, and learn.” Listen to the full interview with …

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By 2100, some see too many births, some too few

The United Nations’ population experts recently rocked the world by projecting the planet will be home to a larger-than-expected 10.1 billion people by 2100. To some, the august body used statistical “magic” to arrive at this number. To others, the 10.1 billion figure is too low – a calamitous 15 billion people, they argue, is closer to the truth. Welcome to the delicately calibrated and yet fractious world of long-term demography – where people draw …

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National Catholic Register, Joseph A. D’Agostino, Vatican Officials Discuss Solutions for European U

Vatican Officials Discuss Solutions for European Underpopulation National Catholic Register July 9-15, 2006 VATICAN NEWS by JOSEPH A. D’Agostino Register Correspondent VATICAN CITY ? As once-Catholic nations in Europe trend toward dangerously low birthrates, mainstream media and international organizations there continue to advocate population control. The birthrates in Italy , Spain , France , and most other European nations have fallen well below the minimal replacement level of 2.1 children per woman, creating an ever-aging …

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