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Tell Your State Leadership to Ban Infanticide!


In order to ban abortion prior to viability, it is necessary for the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. In the meantime, we must try to save as many lives as possible by outlawing abortion to the maximum extent permitted under federal law. 

At the very least, every state should ban abortion after viability. This will prevent states from allowing abortion up to the moment of birth. Every state should also have laws in place that make it a crime to neglect or kill infants born alive after an abortion. Any state that fails to do so sanctions the practice of infanticide. 

Studies show almost all second trimester abortions are sought for reasons other than fetal anomaly or endangerment of the life of the mother. An overwhelming majority of Americans oppose late-term abortion and infanticide. 79% of Americans oppose abortion in the third trimester and 82% of Americans oppose withdrawing medical care from an infant born alive after viability, according to recent survey from YouGov and Americans United for Life.

Sign our petition now! Tell the leadership in your state legislature to repeal any and all state laws that permit the practice of infanticide and abortion up to the moment of birth!