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Stop Abortion Attacks on Baby Girls in the USA!

Petition to Stop Abortion Attacks on Baby Girls

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We strongly support legislation that outlaws abortion targeting of baby girls simply because they are baby girls! Legislation banning sex selection abortion is so important to us that we will closely watch what you do – or don’t do – to ban sex selection abortion. Push for this baby-saving legislation now!

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Sex-selective abortion is nothing short of gendercide.The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) estimates that some 117 million girls are now missing across Asia and Eastern Europe due to the practice of sex-selective abortion. In India alone, there are an estimated 63 million girls missing, and of them, we estimate that sex-selective abortion has eliminated between 11.8 to 14.1 million women from India’s population since 1990 (conservatively).

These aren’t just statistics, though. These are real people. Take Yueyue, for example, whose husband coerced her to go through four abortions due to his preference for sons. The operations ended up killing her, as well as her four unborn daughters. As PRI President Steven Mosher has said, “Sex-selective abortion is, after all, the worst form of discrimination imaginable. It is a discrimination that kills.”

What many don’t know or realize is that sex-selective abortion not only happens right here in the U.S., but it’s also perfectly legal on the federal level and in the vast majority of states.

In the U.S., a widely-cited study based on U.S. Census 2000 data found notably higher male biased sex ratios at birth among Chinese-, Korean-, and (Asian) Indian-Americans at parity 2 if the first child was a girl (1.17), and at parity 3 if both previous births were girls (1.51).

Sex-selective abortion is not simply an issue for countries like Armenia, India, and China where the practice is widespread. Steps can and should be taken in Western countries to affirm the inherent value of women and girls.

Son preference can be reversed. South Korea is a prime example proving that it is possible. In the early 1990’s, the sex-ratio at birth in South Korea was 1.14. Today, education, awareness, and women’s increased economic status, and legislation against sex selective abortion have largely eliminated son preference.

Similar steps can be taken in the West to affirm the dignity of girls. A law protecting women from socially-based coercion to abort and protecting unborn girls from sex-selective abortion would be essential to protecting unborn girls and their mothers.

That is why we at the Population Research Institute created an initiative with this petition, to ban sex-selective abortion for good, right here in the United States.

The time is now to protect our women and girls from gendercide.

Sign this petition today and add your voice to those calling for a ban on the practice of sex selective abortion. We will deliver to your legislative leaders in Washington D.C.