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Sex Selective Abortion

Why are millions of girls missing around the world?

There are an estimated 100 million girls missing worldwide

The reason? Sex-selective abortion.

The rate of sex-selective abortion has reached a breaking point in India and China

Both nations have moved to outlaw sex-selective abortion.

Few countries have specifically outlawed the practice, including the US

Population control contributes to the problem

When parents feel forced to choose between a son or a daughter, cultural son preferences result in millions of sex-selective abortions targeting girls.

Sex-selective abortion causes massive societal issues.

Sex-selective abortion causes catastrophic damage to demographics worldwide. Not only are families deprived of daughters and sisters, but it also means millions of unmarriageable young men.

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For every 200 girls born, one is refused the chance to see the light of day just because she is a female.

In India, for every 100 girls who are born alive, 7 are aborted just because they are girls.

Over the last 14 years, there were an average of 4,575 abortions every day. That comes to about one abortion motivated by gender every 18 seconds.


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