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The Growing Threat to World Freedom

China's rise will lead to massive human rights violations around the world. The Chinese government has shown a massive propensity for the destruction of its own people.

Human Rights Violations

Forced abortion. Forced sterilization.

Induced Abortions, 1980-2012:

Chinese babies forcibly aborted.

Prevented Births, 1980-2016:

Births prevented

Missing Chinese Girls

Chinese girls missing.

A cultural preference for sons, combined with forced abortion, makes it much more likely that a Chinese girl will get aborted than a boy.

China is growing more aggressive against the rest of the world.

China, firmly under the grip of the Communist Party and its leader, Xi Jinping, is a country that:

  • created the North Korean nuclear missile threat and is using it for its own purposes
  • invented totalitarianism thousands of years ago and still practicing it today
  • believes its superior race, culture and political system give it a natural right to universal deference
  • in its “Patriotic Education program” teaches its children to hate America for standing in the way of achieving its “Dream” of world domination
  • continues to carry out a population control policy that results in tens of million of often forced abortions and sterilizations each year
  • warns Catholics that it is illegal to bring their own children to Mass or teach them about the faith and forbids any kind of home schooling
  • believes in its manifest destiny to usher in the so-called World of Great Harmony, a new world order centered on and controlled by the Chinese empire

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